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Meeting an ex-girlfriend (New Headway)
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We say that lies have short legs, and it's true. Look at all this mess, the more they want to clarify it, the messier it gets until it all gets almost surreal. Enjoy it :)

Our favourite bar is Freud’s. We go there a lot, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings.

- Thanks, Matt.
- Cheers.
- What time are Helen and David coming?
- Half past eight.
- Right. Hey, guess what. I saw Simon last week.
- Really? That isn’t very strange. He lives next door.
- Oh, ha, ha. Very funny. No, I saw him in here. He has very good taste. You know, I think he really likes…
- Oh no.
- What’s wrong?
- At the bar. Don’t look!
- Who?
- Hi, Danny! How are you?
- Who is she, Matt?
- She was my girlfriend.
- Really?
- Really.
- How long were you together?
- A month.
- Only a month?
- It was a very long month.
- Right. …When did you last see her?
- About three years ago. She moved to London. But she sometimes rings to me at work.
- So she still likes you?
- Unfortunately, yes.
- Matt!!
- Oh Jane! Help!
- Matty! How marvelous!
- Deb.
- How long is it? Three years? You still have beautiful eyes. You are happy to see me, aren’t you, Matty?
- Hello. My name’s Jane.
- Sorry?
- Err Jane is my…
- Fiancée. Pleased to meet you.
- Fiancée? I didn’t know you were engaged.
- Didn’t you?
- When did you engaged?
- About six months ago.
- Six weeks… months ago.
- Where did you meet?
- On the internet.
- At a club.
- We met in a chat room on the internet. And then we met face to face at a club.
- Yeah… right. Yes, that’s right! It was at a club.
- And we fell in love, didn’t we, Matt?
- Yes, we did.
- I was very shy as first, but Matt was wonderful.
- And when did you get engaged?
- On the eighteenth of March.
- Err, no. It was on the nineteenth. Don’t you remember?
- Oh yes, you’re right, darling.
- Where’s the ring?
- Sorry?
- Didn’t you buy an engagement ring? For Jane.
- He did.
- I did? I did!
- But I don’t wear it… because it’s a secret.
- Nobody knows we’re engaged.
- Now, who wants a drink?
- No, thank you.
- Same again, please… darling.
- Matt. I can’t believe it. You’re engaged. I thought that…
- Yeah. Sorry about that. Deb.
- Don’t tell anybody about Jane. It’s, it is a secret.
- Oh no.
- What is it?
- Look at Matt.
- He’s with Deb!
- Poor Matt. He really didn’t want to see her again.
- Yeah, poor Matt.
- Come on. Let’s go and help him. David! He needs our help.
- Hello, Deb. How are you?
- Hello… err Helen.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Did you tell Deb our news?
- What news?
- Matt, really. Matt and I are engaged.
- What is it?
- Hi everybody… What’s the matter? Is something wrong, darling?
- So you’re engaged to Matt. And Jane is…?
- Jane’s with me.
- But I thought…
- Er… would anyone like a drink?

Jane and I told Matt it’s OK to have two fiancées... but he can only marry one of us.


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