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Most magical wedding proposal ever
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Where better to perform the most magical wedding proposal than the most magical place on earth!

You have to stand here. I've a surprise for you.
Attention everyone, can I get everybody's attention, please? Attention. I have something important to say to my girlfriend Erika.
I've brought you here, to the spot where we first met, at Disneyland, exactly one year ago today.
Since then, you have brought magic to my life every single day.
Please, make this the happiest day on earth by saying that you'll marry me. Come on folks, how about a little clap there.

- Before you take the plunge, dear, be sure he proves his love, before you're stuck together like Mickey and his glove.
- The future looks so awesome, I know that we can be the most amazing couple, Tweedle-you and Tweedle-me.
- But has he proved he's worthy and shown fantasmic powers? Has he swin a dragon like good old Micky Mouse is?
- You keep it. And now what's next? Oh yes, the ring! I loved it when I spied it, a ring that made me want to sing, but wait, where did I hide it? Did I give you my ring, sir? Or maybe it was you? Does anybody have it? If not there's no 'I do'.
- It could be in my dustpan, I might have swept it up.
- I think I see it shining inside this paper cup.
- Hey miss! I like that pink you're wearing. See mine, you wanna trade? I'll give you Pixie Hollow for Disney's electrical parade.
- The scene is finally perfect, the time has finally come.
- He's just about to ask her.
- That's good, my feet are numb.
- Oh darling, will you have me and will you be my bride? We'll drive us in the sunset on Mr Tod Wild Ride. You've changed my life forever. I love you, I confess. Now, speak into the megaphone and say your answer's 'yes'.
- Yes!
- It's a summer night ++++, let's give three cheers: hooray, hooray, hooray! The fairy tale has started they're just wanting to stay.
- Yes?
- And they lived happily, ++++ ++++ ++++ ever after. Yeah!

- Did you like it?
- Oh my God!
- Thanks everybody. Ha ha ha, come on, let's go.

- It's not everyday you see someone ++++ married on Main Street.

This man is probably a former actor of Disneyland, helped with his old colleagues, and they are in Deneyland, so there are many references in the song to Walt Disney things.

THE SPOT= The place.

FOLKS= (coll.) /fəʊks/ people; friends.

TAKE THE PLUNGE= Make an important decision (especially without thinking too much about it).

PROVES= If you prove something, you do something to show it is true.

GLOVE= /glʌv/ A piece of clothing that covers your hand (see picture)

AWSOME= /ɔ:səm/ fantastic, wonderful.

AMAZING= Fantastic, wonderful.

TWEELE-YOU AND TWEEDLE-ME= This "you and me" version is inspired in two famous characters from the story of "Alice in Wonderland" (made into a film by Disney) called Tweedledum and Tweedledee. They were identical twins and inseparable (see picture).

WORTHY= If something is worthy, you can invest your money, time, energy or love on it because it is valuable and it compensates your dedication or effort..

FANTASMIC= This word is probably a mixture of the words "fantastic" and "phantom" (ghost), and it refers to a Disney's street show performed every night in Disneyland and Disney World, with parades, fireworks, etc.

HAS HE SWIN A DRAGON... MOUSE IS= All this sentence is wrong, I couldn't understand it well.

SPIED= past tense of SPY. This verb means "to see", to discover by close observation. Little children in many countries play a game where they say "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with C", and you have to guess what they have seen.

IF NOT THERE'S NO 'I DO'= When you get married and the priest asks you if you want to marry the other person, the affirmative answer is "I do" (not "yes"), so if he can't find the ring, there will be no "I do", no affirmative answer, no wedding.

DUSTPAN= The thing to catch the dirt when you're sweeping (you can see it on the video).

PAPER CUP= A glass made of paper. (you can't say "paper glass"*)

PINK= A flower with many petals, also called carnation (see picture).

TRADE= If you trade something with somebody, you give them that thing and they give you something else in exchange. If you trade flowers, you give them your flower and they give you their flower.

PIXIE HOLLOW= The country where TinkerBell lives (a film from Disney). It's a country in Neverland where magical fairies live.

PARADE= An organized public procession on a festive or ceremonial occasion.

MY FEET ARE NUMB= If a part of your body gets numb, you stop feeling it (that often happens if you rest on it for too long, like when you're sleeping or sitting). When she says this sentence she means that's she's very very excited and can't wait.

BRIDE= When two people are getting married, the woman is the bride and the man is the bridegroom.

MR TOD WILD RIDE= A fairground attraction in Disneyland.

I CONFESS= I say in public so that everybody knows.

CHEERS= A cheer is a cry of happiness to honour somebody. The most common cheer is "hooray!".

FAIRY TALE= A traditional tale for children where there is magic and usually love, and everything ends perfect, and the hero and the princess get married and they live happily ever after.

EVER AFTER= Forever afterwards.

ON MAIN STREET (AmE) = In High Street (BrE)

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