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How to Kiss Your Lover's Neck | Kissing Tutorial
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Kissing your lover's neck is probably the most sensual kind of kissing. Learn how to do it the right way and avoid "hickeys" and "sloppy joes".

- Why, hello there. Right now, Maya is kissing my neck. She's doing a great job. Now, what she's doing is, she's kissing it very gingerly and very tenderly, but it's enough to put pressure on me so that it's very stimulating and it's kind of… I mean, when you kiss on the lips, it's nice and it's passionate, but when you make your way down the neck, it almost… it incorporates, you know, more of your body so it's just more and more passionate. Maya, do you have any thoughts?

- Which is what I was going for. Precisely.

- Do you have any thoughts?

- The neck is a very sensual area. It's a great area to pay attention to. Really in any kind of romantic light, but especially the lips. It's a way of being tender, and sort of sexy without being overly aggressive. Good little kisses, such as what you're witnessing right now, are good. A little tongue lick isn't something anyone should be adverse to. You know, that's always pleasant. The collarbone is also a nice area to pay attention to.

- That's true.

- On a lady. I've never been a man, so I don't know the other way around. But I know for girls, they enjoy that. Little nibble, or even…

- You do not want to take bites.

- And you do not want to devolve into what we were discussing before, which is...

- Sloppy Joe.

- And hickeys.

- Yes.

- Sloppy Joe.

- Please. This is where it's prime time. It's make or break for hickeys. So if you…  Do not put any suction on the neck.

- The only mark you want to leave is on their heart.

- Exactly.

- And in here.

- And in here. Yeah.

- Not on there.

- No. Not there.

- No, no...

- Okay.

- As we were...

WHY= An expression of surprise, the same as “Oh!” (it is not the same as the interrogative word “why?”).

HELLO THERE= (coll.) A very common variation of “Hello!”.

RIGHT NOW= At this very moment.
We often use the word “right” to emphasize expressions of time and place: right here, right now.

GINGERLY= With great caution, care and delicacy; lightly, softly, carefully.

TENDERLY= With tenderness, with affection, softly, lovingly.

PUT PRESSURE ON ME= (formal) In this context it means “turn me on”. To turn somebody on is to sexually arouse them.

I MEAN= We often use this expression when we said something and next we want to be more precise and explain what we were trying to say (1). We also use it when we think that what we say is not correct and want to say the right thing (2). On this video it is case 1.
Case 1- That’s too expensive. I mean, the price is probably right but it’s too much money for me.
Case 2- We have 3 children. I mean, 4! Sorry Joey, I keep forgetting about you.

TO MAKE YOUR WAY DOWN THE NECK= To go down along the neck.


YOU KNOW= A gap filler, it means nothing but it is very often used to keep talking while we are thinking of what we are going to say next; it gives us a couple of extra seconds to think without going silent.

DO YOU HAVE ANY THOUGHTS= (formal) Do you want to say something more about this?


WHICH IS WHAT I WAS GOING FOR= The relative connector WHICH is connecting this sentence to a previous sentence, and that previous sentence is “it’s just more and more passionate”. To GO FOR something is to try to get something. Here WHAT is another relative connector which means “the thing that”. So this sentence means:
[when I was kissing you like this] you felt more and more passionate… and that is the thing that I wanted to do (to make you feel more passionate)”.

TENDER= Soft and loving.

OVERLY= Openly, clearly.

SUCH AS= The same as.
We use this phrase to introduce an example.
- I love electronic devices, such as computers, tablets and mp3s.

WITNESSING= If you witness something, you are there and see it when it happens.

TONGUE LICK= A lick with the tongue (you can only lick with your tongue so it is not necessary to use “tongue” here, but we often use it). To lick is to pass your tongue over something (in this case, over your lover’s neck).

ADVERSE= If you are adverse to something, you don’t like it and you try to avoid it.
IT ISN’T SOMETHING ANYONE SHOULD BE ADVERSE TO= (formal) It is something everybody should enjoy.

COLLARBONE= A bone going from your neck to your shoulder, in front of the scapula (see picture).

THE OTHER WAY ROUND= The opposite; the other way (when there are only 2 different ways). In this case “the other way round” means “what you feel when you are a man”.

NIBBLE= To bite at something gently and repeatedly (like a little mouse eating cheese).

DEVOLVE= To deteriorate or degenerate gradually.

SLOPPY JOE= (slang) A very noisy and passionate kiss using your tongue and leaving a lot of saliva on your lover’s body.

HICKEYS= A coloured mark (red or dark purple) left on the skin after having sucked that spot out for a while by suctioning strongly. (see picture)

PRIME TIME= The big moment; the most important part.

MAKE OR BREAK= when something is make-or-break, it will either be a great success or failure.

AS WE WERE= In this case it means “as we were doing”, and she uses this sentence to say that they are going to continue doing what they were doing before (kissing).


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