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Phonetics with M-E

Phrazzleme, the new trendy game to practise English

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Multimedia-English presentation video
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A video condensing all the essence of Multimedia-English, the website to learn real English with videos while having fun.

Learn real English, Prepare for real life.

Years of learning English and still can't understand natives speaking?
What is your heart's desire?
To understand movies?
songs? books? the Internet? to make new friends? to get a good job?
or simply to open to a new wide world?

Stop dreaming and make it happen.
English is not something to study, it's something to LIVE.
You need REAL English
You need MULTIMEDIA-ENGLISH, where learning English is fun, funny... and multimedia.

Laugh, Love, Learn, cry, pray, enjoy
Don't just sit there and study
Come to real life & learn ;)

Most of our videos come with transcripts and explanations
Ready for home or class use
Explore our many sections
Games & Activities
Set your Virtual Classroom
And come to our page on Facebook to practise and make many friends

Make your English alive and real
Enjoy a family-friendly site which promotes ideals and values.
'Cause life's best with meaning

Learn Real English
Prepare for real life

Everybody's waiting 4 U at


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