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Twimericks are a tongue twister and a limerick all mixed together.

If you want to know what a limerick is, see explanations on the description tab of this video: The Big Foot Limerick.


Examples of twimericks from this video:


Did Woody do what he did? What he did, did he do?
Could Woody, how could he, not do what he knew?
Woody does what he wasn't
If he wasn't, then he doesn't
If he isn't, was what Woody didn't maybe done by you?


Fred's false teeth fell five hundred feet,
From the fifty-fourth floor onto 45th Street,
Fred flagged a fleet florist,
With five ferns from the forest,
Who said, "Fred, now how will you eat?"


Flapjack Jack flipped flat flapjacks at Phil,
Jack flung flapjacks at Joe, Flo and Jill,
Phil flipped flapjacks at Flo,
Flo flew five back at Joe,
And said, "A flipped flapjack food fight takes skill!"

- Twimericks!
- Twimerick
- him-twim-mer...
- Twimericks!
- 'Tis a tongue twister and a limerick
- All mixed together
- Wait! What was the word again?
- Twimericks
- Twimericks
- Did Woody do, what he did, what he did -di- what did- did what he do what he d-
- Flapjack flipped flat, flapjack at Phil


- How fast can you read it?

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