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My Blackberry Is Not Working (The Two Ronnies)
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Life was much easier when apple and blackberry were just fruits!

A hilarious comedy from the BBC. Careful, they have a strong accent.


- I bought something from you last week and I'm very disappointed.

- Oh, yeah. What's the problem?

- Yeah, well my blackberry is not working.

- What's the matter with it? Run out of juice?

- No, no, its completely frozen.

- Oh yeah, I can see that. I'll tell you what, let's try it on orange.

- That's got a few black spots, you see...

- Oh dear, yeah, sorry about that.

- Well are you gonna get my blackberry working?

- Well, it could be an application issue. Where do you store that blackberry?

- Well, it's on my desktop.

- Well, you could try using a mouse to drag the blackberry to the trash. Then after you've done that, you might want to launch the blackberry from the desktop.

- Well, I've already tried that a few times. I mean all it did was mess up windows.

- Well, it might be worth waiting a couple of weeks. They've got the latest blackberries coming in then.

- Well, could you give me a date?

- Certainly.

- Let me put that date in my diary.

- Anything else I can help you with.

- Yes, yes, I've also got a problem to be honest with my apple.

- Oh dear, oh dear. That is an old apple isn't it? When did you buy that?

- Last week.

- Last week, huh, they've brought out two new apples since then. What's the problem with it?

- Well, I tried to put my dongle in it and it won't fit.

- Oh yeah, ... and how big's your dongle?

- Well I don't know much about these things but my wife's seen a few dongles in her time and she says its a little bit on the small side.

- Well, I'm afraid there's not a lot I can do about that. Tell you what, let me try booting it. Ah, its crashed. Anything else I can help you with?

- Well, funnily enough yes. Its my grandson's birthday soon. Now he's already got an apple and a blackberry. I mean have you got anything else that he might just like?

- Well, we're doing a special offer on these. I mean I can't make head or tail of them but the kids seem to like them. Eggs box. Three sixty. (£3.60)

The conversation is heavy loaded with lots of words with a double meaning, going from computer language to fruit, etc. language. Here are a few examples:

Blackberry= A smartphone brand and also a little kind of fruit.
Orange= A telecom company and also fruit. "Black spots" can also be areas without phone signal.
Apple= A computer company and also fruit.
Dongle= A pendrive and also a slang term for a man's penis.
Desktop= The main screen on Windows OS and also the top of a desk (table).
Windows= The most popular Operative System and also the windows of a house.
Frozen= At a temperature below zero and also when a compurter or smartphone stops and nothing works.
Crash= When something collides (bumps into) another thing and also when a computer stops working (and switches off).
Boot= When you start a computer and also when you kick something with your boot.
Mouse= A computer divice used to work with your computer and also a little animal.
Trash= Window's trash (where deleted files are stored) and also a dustbin.
Launch= To start a programme or the smartphone and also to eject something.
Date= An appointment and also the fruit of a palm tree.
Eggs box= The eggs-box for 3.60 pounds is a reference to the Xbox 360, a home video game console.


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