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Patience Test (MisterEpicMann)
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Nick is testing his roommate Ian to see if he can be really patient, because living with Nick requires a lot, a lot of patience.

Click here to watch Patience Test Part 2.


Hello. My name is Nick. But you probably know me as Misterepicmann. Or Shirley. But that's a story for another time. I joined YouTube back in 2009 with no real expectations other than to be myself on camera. Right now I am pursuing a degree in cinematic arts at college and I certainly hope to use that knowledge to make movies one day (Spitting water at my roommate and riding a broom around the room doesn't count...lolz). I currently own a company called Lost Light Films which is my primary focus after school and I hope I can merge my efforts into that company once school is completed...if I actually pass.


My roommate recently underwent a patience test

How are you doing?

Hey, catch!

Never been better.

I'm a witch, aaah, aaah.

I'll save you.

He failed the test.

ROOMMATE= A person who shares a room with you in a dorm (the place where university students live on campus).

UNDERWENT= Suffer; experimented.

HOW ARE YOU DOING?= (coll.) How are you?

CATCH!= This is what you say when you throw something to somebody and want them to catch it.

NEVER BEEN BETTER= I've never been better = I'm very well, thank you.

WITCH= In old times, a witch was a lady with magical powers because they were friends of the devil. They could fly on a broom (see picture)

FAILED= If you fail a test or an exam, you don't pass it, you were not good enough.

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