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Phobias (The Sketch Show US)
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Hilarious. A group of people meet at a phobia convention!

They have an American accent except for the man who is phobic of screams, who is British.

- Hey, great mixer, huh?
- Yea, what a terrific idea, you know, we're all here, we all have our own phobias but we can get together and meet each other and not feel so alone for once.
- Yea. What's your phobia?
- Oh, I have this unexplainable fear of apologies.
- Sorry?
- Aagh!
- What!?
- I just told you I have this unexplainable fear of apologies.
- Aagh!! Oh
- What?
- I'm terrified of repetition.
- Terrified of repetition?
- No!
- Hey, great mixer, huh?
- Aagh!
- Aagh!
- Sorry.
- Aagh! – Aagh! – Aagh! – Aagh!
- No screaming. I have a fear of the word which is spelled A-A-G-H exclamation point. That word.
- Mm, I'm apologies.
- Repetitions.
- Hello.
- Hel-... I mean, hi!
- Good evening.
- Ahoy there!
- Aagh!
- Aagh! – Aagh! – Aagh! – Aagh!
- I've a fear of awkward silences. I should have told you guys, I'm sorry.
- Aagh!
- Aagh! – Aagh! – Aagh!
- Hey, great mixer, uh?
- Aagh! – Aagh! – Aagh! – Woof!
- What was that?
- I bark at other people's phobias. Tried to switch out with the other waiters and they're all like, "sorry".
- Aagh! – Aagh! – Aagh! – Aagh! – Woof!
- Listen, this is gonna stop, ok? I'm afraid of repetition...
- You're afraid of repe-...
- Ooooh!
- I'm scared of apologies.
- Oh, I'm so so-....
- Mnnnnn!
- Man, this is so frustrating, I could just scream.
- No screaming. I have a fear of the word which is spelled A-A-G-H exclamation point. That word.
- Ok. You guys are all crazy.
- You said it, pal, we're just a big bunch of freaks
- Aagh! – Aagh! – Aagh! – Aagh! – Woof!
- I'm sorry.
- Aagh! – Aagh! – Aagh! – Aagh! – Woof!

MIXER=To mix with people means to meet strangers in a party or something, so in colloquial English, a "mixer" is a party where you can meet lots of strangers.
Another meaning of mixer is: soft drink + spirit. A mixer is a soft drink (AmE soda) used to mix with alcoholic drinks (spirits). So if they're drinking a mixer, they are also drinking the alcohol that goes with it. If you're drinking rum and cola, the mixer is cola and the spirit is rum. This mixture has different names in different areas: "a mixed drink", "a short" (or "a long drink" if it has more alcohol) or simply "spirits". But everywhere, they usually say just "a drink".

TERRIFIC= Wonderful (the word "terrible" means exactly the opposite)

YOU KNOW= A conversation filler, it is used a lot in conversation but doesn’t mean anything, just gives you two extra seconds to think.

PHOBIA= an irrational and intense fear of something.

FOR ONCE= Exceptionally.

UNEXPLAINABLE= Impossible to explain, irrational.

FEAR= If you have a fear, you are afraid of something.

APOLOGIES= An apology is when you say you're sorry (and "to apologise" is to say you're sorry).

TERRIFIED= If you are terrified, you are very very scared (extremely afraid).

NO SCREAMING= don't scream.
This prohibitions made up with NO + -ING are used in colloquial English or in notices.

AHOY THERE!= An old fashioned greeting used by sailors to hail another ship ("ship ahoy!"). Sometimes also used to greet people, but it sounds really funny and weird now, that's why there's an awkward silence when he uses it.

AWKWARD= /ɔ:kwə*d/ Embarrassing.

YOU GUYS= (col. AmE) the plural form of "you", used as subject or object.
- You guys want to come with me? I have to tell you guys something.

BARK= The noise a dog makes.

SWITCH OUT WITH= To change shifts with another worker to get me OUT of this situation.

THEY'RE ALL LIKE...= (coll.) They all said...
To be like X or to go like X is a colloquial way for "to say X":
- And then Susan arrived and she's like "oh, let's go to a pub everybody"

GONNA= (coll.) Going to.

SCARED= Afraid.

MAN= (col. AmE) a colloquial way of addressing another man.
- oh man, look at this, it's great!

YOU SAID IT= Exactly, you're right, I agree with you.

PAL= (esp. BrE) man, mate, buddy, friend (a colloquial way of addressing another person).

A BUNCH OF= A group of.

FREAK= A strange person, a weirdo.

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