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Plastic Jesus
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Sometimes to know the truth you need to read between the lines when listening to people. This man says he's a Christian, maybe he even thinks he is, but if we could read the true meaning under his words we would see he's not. The man says one thing and the video titles reflect the hidden meaning of his words, so we can see his Jesus is not a real Jesus, He's not made of flesh and blood, it's a plastic Jesus, the kind that just doesn't make a difference in your life.

Hey, I'm Ryan. I'm a Christian and this is my story.

Growing up I never missed going to church. When I was 12 I accepted Christ as my saviour. I- I was even baptised. It- It undoubtedly was a very important decision. It even affected how I lived in high school. I mean, don't get me wrong, I- I had fun on the weekends, I had a girlfriend... a couple, but as a normal high school kid.

College was one big blur, but I did make it to church out of obedience. And after school, I married a great girl, and she's been a great influence on me.

Life's been good. I have a house, three kids, I couldn't ask for more. I mean, sure, I worry about my future. I mean, my marriage... it could be better... and I need to spend more time with my kids but... but things'll be alright.

I have my faith. You can't hear me talk a lot about this, it's just cause it's personal. But don't worry for me, my Jesus is real.


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