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Polar bears and dogs playing (Firstscience TV) (Scotland)
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A strange and amazing relationship between sled dogs and polar bears. Taken from the show "Jailed Polar Bear" on

I have a working distance and those bears must maintain that working distance of at least 17 plus feet away from me, I mean, I… I don’t let 'em be coming closer. If they do, then I will put some cracker shells to them because they have to know to maintain away from me, I can’t let them run and grab me or something stupid like that, you know? It’s not... They understand, they understand the cracker shells, they understand to be a little further away.

Two natural predators in empathy. How is it that Bryan’s dogs and these bears seem to have reached such a remarkable understanding.

I can’t say I know all the answers, I just know that when there’s a bad relationship the other dogs know it and we move it out, but if the relationships are casual and they’re… They’re very exploratory, they’re… bears are social. Very individualistic but they have, uh, a social adaptability. This is a social order here, to social thing and they’re sort of… enjoying.

We only allow the biggest adult males to coexist here, cause they have a high level of intelligence and they wanna be in a safe place and they recognise this is very safe here for them and they take care here. Uhm, they’re quite gentle as a rule. You always have to be careful, you’re dealing with wild animals. There’s always the unpredictable and unknown and... we’re in the open, we’re in the frontier edge, it’s not like we’re… on the …uhm… you know, some civilized place.

A WORKING DISTANCE= The distance I need to do my job.

17 PLUS FEET= More than 17 feet. (1 foot = 30.48 cms).

I DON’T LET 'EM BE COMING CLOSER= I don’t let them come nearer.

CRACKER SHELLS= They are explosive cartridges destined to frighten the bears with a loud boom (they’re not meant to kill them).

GRAB= Catch, capture, seize.

FURTHER= Irregular comparative of FAR (big-bigger, tall-taller, far-further/farther).

PREDATOR= An animal that kills other animals for food.

REACHED= Arrive at.

SUCH= For exclamations and similar, we use SO + Adjectives and SUCH (a) + Nouns:
- He is so big! (so + adjective)
- He is such a man! (such a + noun)
- He is such a strong man! (such a + adjective+noun)
- You have such nice weather here!

UNDERSTANDING= Comprehension. The ability to understand each other.

CASUAL= Occasional.

EXPLORATORY= Curious about things, so they like to explore and learn new things.

SOCIAL= If you are social, you like and seek the company of others.

INDIVIDUALISTIC= If you are individualistic you are special, independent and don’t like to be like everyone else.

MALE= The opposite of FEMALE.

COEXIST= Live together.

CAUSE= Because.


WANNA= Want to.

AS A RULE= Usually, in general.

YOU’RE DEALING WITH= You are occupied with, concerned with.

THE UNPREDICTABLE= Things that can’t be predicted (to predict is to know in advance, to know before it happens).

IN THE OPEN= Outside, outdoors, in a place with no buildings or trees to surround you.

FRONTIER EDGE= The border, the limit of a territory.


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