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Seven Ways to Discipline Your Child (MisterEpicMann)
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Your child won't listen? Doesn't obey? Well, no more problems then, this is right what you need.


Hello. My name is Nick. But you probably know me as Misterepicmann. Or Shirley. But that's a story for another time. I joined YouTube back in 2009 with no real expectations other than to be myself on camera. Right now I am pursuing a degree in cinematic arts at college and I certainly hope to use that knowledge to make movies one day (Spitting water at my roommate and riding a broom around the room doesn't count...lolz). I currently own a company called Lost Light Films which is my primary focus after school and I hope I can merge my efforts into that company once school is completed...if I actually pass.


Jimmy? Was that you?

Seven ways to discipline your child

#1 Predator and the prey

#2 Armed Forces
Jimmy? Was that you?
Sorry Jimmy

#3 Terror

#4 Heart Attack

#5 Jokester
No, I'm just kidding, man
I was getting at you
I was getting at you
Gee, I'm just kidding, man

#6 Pink

#7 Gentle Approach <3
Jimmy? Was that you?
It's alright, Jimmy, but don't do it again.


PREDATOR= An animal that eats other animals (for example lions, wolves, dogs, cats...)

PREY= An animal that is eaten by other animals (for example sheep, gazelles, rabbits, mice...)

ARMED FORCES= The army, the military (armed = carrying weapons)

JOKESTER= A person who often makes jokes, who does or says funny things.

JUST KIDDING= We say this when we said or did something just for fun and we don't want the other person to believe we were serious.
- Hey, run, someone is stealing your car! Ha ha, no, I'm just kidding, it's your wife.

MAN= (coll. esp. AmE) A word used to address a man or a boy.
- Hey man, how you doing?
- I'm fine man, how about you?

GETTING AT YOU= If you get at somebody you disturb or annoy them, especially by minor irritations.

GEE= (AmE) A mild expression of surprise or irritation.
- Gee man! This is fantastic!
- Oh gee! Not again!

GENTLE= Soft, mild, polite.

APPROACH= The method used to get something.

<3  = A drawing of a heart, meaning love and affection.

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