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Sight (a futuristic short film)
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A brilliant and disturbing short sci-fi film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo, imagines a world in which Google Glass-inspired apps are everywhere.

Now that we know how the US government (and any other government when they can) does through the Net, this film is even more unsettling and probably. Is this the future waiting for us? Will technology make us free or slaves? Are we starting to risk too much in this race?


Good job!
Well done!
level completed.


Snail zombies from your backyard.

Life is a journey and in this journey you all want to do more, experience more,  feel more and live with no boundaries. And why shouldn't we?

Sight Systems presents Sight Seeing. Feel free to go anywhere.

Reminder date at  8 pm. Choose your outfit

Patrick? Patrick?
Oh, hi.
Hi Daphne, how are you?
It's okay
You look great
Thank you
Love your jacket
It's actually, it's uhh, it's a sports jacket, so that's less official that it looks...
What do you mean?
What's the difference between sports jacket and a normal one?
Ahh.. I guess a sports jacket is for people who want to look good even when they're chased by the police. Anyway... I hope you're hungry, this place has the best burgers in town.
Oh.. Actually, I'm a vegetarian.
Oh, really? 'Cause you didn't say it on your profile so...
well, I don't write everything on my profile, so...
Uhm.. Oh, you wanna go somewhere else...?
No, no, its okay. I'll find something on the menu.
Well, how about a glass of wine for starters?
yeah, great.
So... ...are there any other things in your profile that you didn't write about and I should know or..?

Aren't you scared by jogging by yourself in the city?
Not really. Besides, I'm about to hit level 5 on marathon Master.
Pretty impressive!
I know.
What is scary,  though, on my last route... my sight crashed. So scary, I didn't see anything, I couldn't find my way home.
Sight doesn't crash.
Oh it did. I was totally lost, I didn't see anything.
That doesn't happen since our last patch
Do you work there or something? really?
yeah.. but..
Wow, what do you do there?
Nothing serious, I'm just a simple engineer.
Actually, I read about your company in the news. Is it true that you guys implant stuff... and manipulate people's Sights?
No, it's a bullshit.
But anyway, I don't wanna talk about work. Not when I'm here with such a pretty lady
Ha ha ha.

You know you really get me...
You know, I can tell what you're thinking right now.
Really? What?
Well, we finished our drinks, what are we going to do?
Ha ha ha
How about if we go to my place, for a nightcap?
Well, if you're so good at reading my mind, you should know what I'm going to say.

Here it is. Make yourself at home.
Nice place you've got here.
It's alright I guess… A toast... for... a perfect night.

Why aren't you drinking?
What's that? A dating app?
No no no no no
Oh my God, I cannot believe this, just my luck, a freaking game junkie.
Disgusting! Wait! Do not touch me, you creep! Pathetic.
I said wait! Now, let's try this again.


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