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Strange wilderness
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Two animal fans film the craziest nature documentaries ever for a wilderness-themed TV show. With the ratings dropping, they decide to go to the Andes in search of Bigfoot. (Released in 2008)

"Over here we spot some South American gazelles. This gazelle is eating a flower. This lion is eating the gazelle, but he’ll probably spit out the flower."

- This is it? Our entire voice over for a show on bears is written on a cocktail napkin?
- Yeah, we wrote it last night at P.G. Mahony’s
- that’s great. (reading): "bears drive their names from a football team in Chicago." No, wrong! (reading): "it is estimated that bears kill over two million salmon a year. Attacks by salmon on bears are much more rare". Alright, that’s gotta be true, right? Ok, let’s go with that one!

This is "Strange Wilderness".
We have sound speed now.
"No matter how many sea lions are eaten each year by sharks, it never seems like enough".

- The show sucks. Two weeks from now the show is cancelled.
- Thank you very much

- We’re not cancelled yet
- Hey Junior, how about you? Fresh blood to get new ideas? ... Yoohoo!
- Eh?
- Oh, No.
- What? Sorry
- Dude, what is on your eyes?
- Oh, oh man! I got these tattoos on my eyelids to makes it look like when I was sleeping then p-, people would think that I was awake.

- That’s Big Foot
- I know where he’s hiding
- This is exactly what we needed!

- Ok. Kocker, you need to... is that a thong you’re wearing?
- He he he, yeah, I’m wearing a thong

"Sharks can only be found in two places on earth: the northern and the southern hemispheres. These sharks are attacking the cold Richie. Yes, the shark is... What the F-! Wow, look at those big teeth!

"Strange Wilderness"!

TO SPOT SOMETHING- to see, to know where something is.

SPIT= to force saliva (=spit) out of your mouth. "To spit something out" is to take that out of your mouth by pushing air out

BEAR= pay attention at the pronunciation of this animal and don't confuse it with the drink BEER!
NAPKIN= a piece of cloth or paper to clean your mouth while you're eating
AT P.G. MAHONY'S= the Saxon genitive can be use without the thing possessed, like here, when we're talking about somebody's house or working place. So "at Mahony's" means "at Mahony's house"

BEARS DRIVE THEIR NAMES FROM ...= their name comes from ...

OVER 2,000,000= more than 2,000,000
SALMON= notice that the -L- in "salmon" is not pronounced
MORE RARE= we can say "rarer", but more usually we say "more rare". The use of "more" to make the comparative form of one-syllable adjectives is getting more and more usual
GOTTA= have got to. THAT'S GOTTA BE TRUE= that's got to be true (that must be true)

WILDERNESS= wild nature. A big area with no human interference

IT SUCKS= it is horrible.

FRESH BLOOD= new people in the group
DUDE= a colloquial way to address a man (AmE)
OH MAN=, same as "dude"
I GOT= I've got, I have
EYELIDS= the layer of skin that covers your eyes when you close them

BIG FOOT= it's the American version of the Tibetan Yeti, "the abominable snowman". It's like a big thing, maybe human maybe animal, that lives in the deep forest hidden from everyone

THONG= it is a piece of clothing women wear to swim or as underwear, very thin

WHAT THE F--!= This expression using "the F-word" (which he starts but doesn't pronounce) means "what the hell!". It is used to express big surprise or disgust, and it is colloquial and rude

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