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Teen Summer: Chris' Story
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A few minutes of conversation with Chris.

CW: "So we're at the grill at the Knights of Columbus swim club and we're talking to Chris, right?"

CHRIS: "Right."

CW: "And, Chris, what have you done with your summer?"

CHRIS: "I've worked here. I've played lacrosse. I've played basketball, hung out with friends. Traveled a little bit."

CW: "Where did you travel to?

CHRIS: "Cape Cod [in Massachusetts]."

CW: "OK."

CHRIS: "So that was nice."

CW: "So did you save a lot of money from working here?"

CHRIS: "Yeah, actually I have."

CW: "What are you going to do with that money?"

CHRIS: "Probably save it for college, Maybe buy a moped or a bike or something."

CW: "Oh fun. And how old are you, Chris?"

CHRIS: "I'm 17, about to be 18."

CW: "Wow, OK. So you're going to be thinking about college."

CHRIS. "Yeah."

CW: "Do you have anything planned for the next couple of weeks?"

CHRIS: "I'm actually going to the beach next week, and then unfortunately back to school."

CW: "What's your favorite thing about the summer?"

CHRIS: "Not being in school. Having the ability to do whatever I want. And actually over the summer I got my EMT certification."

CW: "Wow, well that's a big deal. Can you tell us what EMT stands for?"

CHRIS: "Emergency medical technician. So the people that ride in the ambulance."

CW: "Cool."

CHRIS: "Yeah, so that was very exciting."

CW: "Well, good luck to you. That'going to be great.

CHRIS: "Thank you."


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