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The car
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Short dialogues in everyday situations. A politically correct conversation to practise possessive adjective and pronouns.

- These cars are ours.
- Whose?
- Mine and my wife's
- This one is fantastic. Is it yours?
- No, it's hers. The small one is mine.
- Her car is much better than yours.
- She needs a car for work. And, anyway, she likes cars a lot.
- And you?
- I don't care for cars. I take care of the home. I do all the cleaning, the cooking and the shopping. She is the business woman.
- Are you happy like this?
- Yeah, to be around the house is relaxing.
- What about children.
- Oh, she is too busy.
- What about you? Don't you want some?
- Of course I do, but I am not a woman, only a househusband.
- Yes, of course.


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