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Duet with myself -Ex girlfriends suck (Paint)
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Paint is singing a duet with his own imaginary brother. They both sing about the same girl, but one loves her, the other one hates her.

Hey, baby
Shuttup Ryan!!
I wrote this song for you
You cheating, scankified *****
ANYWAYS! I-I hope this makes you happy.

I love your hair, your smile, your clothes
I love your fat, abnormally large toes

Shut UP!!!! You are ruining the video!
Scoot over!
Yea. Yea. You remember me?
Yea, well ya should'a, cos you TOOK my heart out and SHOVED it down my oesophagus. Ya should'a remember that, okay? You cheated on me with my very own brother over here, ya JERK
Let it GO, dude, okay? That was like 3 months ago! I'm trying to film something

I love your hair, your smile, your clothes
I love your cankles and your elephant nose

I love your freckles and your eyes
Don't forget about her thunder thighs
Girl, did it hurt when you fell from heaven
It hurt, she landed on her face
Girl, I need to put you on my "to do list"
Or my hit list, whichever really works
If you were a booger I'd pick you first
Well I'd lick you first

WHAT?! That is so wrong! That's disgusting!
I would lick her. As in I would PUNCH HER IN THE FACE. Might make you look prettier

Girl, you're everything I (don't) want
You're everything I (don't) need
Without you I can barely (finally) breath

You're so fat
You got arrested at the airport for 10 pounds of crack
Not even Clinton would sleep with you
When trucks back up they beep like you
And no one wants to be with you
I never want to see you again

You're like the elephant man
It looks like you seriously stopped a van with your face
Your face is like the sun
Yep, it burns my retinas
You've got beautiful puppy dog eyes
Maybe you should go to the vet

You smell like a pig and you look like a fish
If you were a cow I'd put you right on a dish
You're crazy like a monkey you belong in a zoo
If you were a horse I'd turn you right into glue

Your eyes are like a pond, in which the fish of beauty swim
You have a mustache like my dad's, you really need a trim
All I really wanted to say is I love (hate) you

I hope ya die, ya stupid *****


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