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High five for first kiss
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Do you remember how you felt when you had your first kiss? This was captured by accident, in its most innocent form. If only it could be this way every time...

One year later, Elliott and Bowie revisit the same spot where they had their first kiss.

- Why did you kiss me?
- Cause I like you. I kissed you cause I like you
- OK
-I kissed you cause you like me
- You kiss me I kiss you
- I can kiss you.
- Lets’ kiss
- Hey, hey, hey.
- We kissed on the lips whoo! whoo!. Hey guess what, Claire, me and her kissed on the lips. Whooo hoooo!
- No more!
- Yeahhhhhhhh!
- brpbhpbhp

- Hey! No more!
- Elliott! No more!
- she said no more.

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