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The secret name of God revealed!
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The name of God is a mystery because the Jews considered it a blasphemy to pronounce it and eventually people forgot the pronunciation of it, so all we have now is 4 consonants (YHWH, Hebrew: יהוה‎ remember that Hebrew writing is read from right to left). In medieval times some people rendered it (wrongly) as "Jehovah", but today scholars think the most probable pronunciation was "Yahweh". Anyway, what is the true meaning of this name? His name was considered sacred and forbidden because it would reveal the true nature of God. Representing God was also forbidden. But all that changed for Christians. We believe that when God incarnated in Jesus he was revealing Himself to humanity so we could know Him. Maybe the time has come to also reveal the true meaning of His name too. This video will explain that secret meaning. You can either believe it or not, of course, but to me it all makes sense.


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