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The English language in 24 accents (& others)
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I know I'm going against this site's Terms and Conditions by uploading this video, since there's a lot of bad language here, but I do think this video is really worth the breech, since it can give an awesome picture of all the variety of English accents, including some foreign accents, and it may be very useful for advanced students to know how diverse English may be.

So I'd appreciate it if this video is approved and published, and I deeply regret the kind of language used here anyway.

[This boy speaks colloquial British accent from the London area]

Right, I actually promised my friends that I'd make this video quite a while ago but I'm not got round to it, but now I finally got round to it so here it is. In this video I'm just gonna be attempting to do a variety of accents from around the world. I'll start off with accents from my own country, which has lots of different accents. I'm from Britain, in case you didn't noticed, I'm from the UK. And yea, there's lots of different British accents I can do. And then I'll move on to accents from other countries and I... The way I'm gonna structure this video is, for each accent I'm gonna pretend I'm on the phone and I'm gonna chat a random stuff. And when I say random I mean 100% random. It is completely a lot of rubbish. Don't pay attention to what I say, don't take it seriously. It's just random chatter in the accent. I may have made a few references here and there to the individual accent, but it's mostly random. Well, yea, that's how I'm gonna structure it so, uhm, let's begin.

1- British – southern English – East London cockney

2- British – southern English – London (Jamaican influenced)

3- British – southern English – formal RP (standard, BBC English)

4- British – southern English – posh (upper class accent)

5- British – west country – farmer accent

6- British – northern English – Manchester

7- British – northern English – Liverpool

8- British – Welsh

9- British – Scottish

10- Irish – type 1

11- Irish – type 2

12- US American – general accent

13- US American – New York (Italian influenced)

14- US American – southern accent

15- Australian – general accent

16- French

17- German

18- Russian

19- Italian

20- Chinese

21- Japanese

22- Indian

23- South African

24- Nigerian

Well, that's all I can do for now. Obviously, some  were a little bit off. S- I don't know, I did make some mistakes here and there. You know, I'm only human, no one's perfect, but I did my best and, ehm, I- in no way I meant to offend anyone or insult anyone's accent or culture or whatever even if I did chat random stupid stuff on the phone, it's just- just uh... coz I can't think of anything to say, really. But it's done nothing personally or nothing like that. You know, uhm, I made this mainly for my friends, because they seem to be entertained when I impersonate different accents so I ++++ made the video and- uhm... you know, if you're watching and you like it then feel free to comment, like, subscribe, whatever. I don't usually make videos like this, by the way, I usually make videos 'bout, ehm, about games and, ehm, Microsoft Sam, text to speech ++++ and stuff like that, but just subscribe anyway, you never know, I might make... I might remake this, a better version or something similar to this but, ehm, thanks for watching, yeah, bye.

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