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The good life
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Short dialogues in everyday situations

- Oh, I'm cold. New York is so cold in the winter.
- Aren't you cold?
- Yes, I'm cold too and I'm very thirsty.
- Let's go and have a drink in a bar.
- But I'm hungry. Aren't you hungry?
- Why don't we go to a restaurant?
- Well then, let's go to this Italian restaurant. It's a very nice one. I know it very well. It's called Barolo's.
- Oh!
- It has a nice atmosphere and there are always many beautiful girls.
- He,he. Oh, look how lucky we are. Ha, ha, we're hungry, thirsty and cold with a nice restaurant full of beautiful girls right there. you know I'm not cold any more.
- Listen I have a method for being happy at night. I eat only a little at lunch so by dinner time I'm very hungry, then I really enjoy going out to eat.
- I see Jack, that you know how to live well.
- I try my best. I'm old enough to know about life and young enough to enjoy it.
- How old are you?
- Old enough not to tell you my age.
- Ha, ha, ha ...


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