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The Nativity Story
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The story of Christmas brought to the cinema screen as you've never seen it before. So real, so authentic, that you will think you are just travelling in time and watching exactly what happened.

The Bible gives us a summary of the important facts, here are all the missing little details that makes it look real life, not just a historical record.

- There shall arise a star
- All of them talk of this prophetic king. This man who will defeat me.
- The greatest of kings born in the most humble of places.
- Hail, hail, hail. Hail, hail. Do not be afraid, Mary. You have found favour with God. You will give birth to a son.
- Elizabeth, why is it me God has asked? I am nothing.
- Oh, child!
- A husband has been chosen for me. How is he to believe this?
- Do you know how much disgrace you have brought upon yourself; upon Joseph? Mary...
- I've broken no vow.
- Women have been put to death for this.
- Can you believe me?
- Yes, the angel came to me in my dream!
- In the name of king Herod and the almighty Caesar, each man will return to the land of his ancestors.
- I must travel to Bethlehem.
- I'm going with my husband.
- How do we raise such a child?
- I wonder if I will even be able to teach him anything.
- Joseph!
- I will end this threat to my rule.
- No, not my child!
- I ask not your home, but any place you have. Please, is there a place for us?

SHALL= (old fashioned) Will (to express future but with the strength of a certainty, a prophecy in this case)

ARISE= Rise, appear.

THIS PROPHETIC KING= The king that has been prophesized in the past. To prophesize is to say what will happen in the future through divine inspiration.

DEFEAT= When two people fight each other, the winner is the one who defeats the other person.

HUMBLE= Low in rank, poor, unpretentious, simple.

HAIL= An ancient salute, a greeting (= hello). The Roman emperors were saluted with the expression "hail, Caesar" (in Latin: "Ave Caesar"). In this scene, the angel gives Mary the same treatment and says "Hail, Mary". The most popular prayer to the Virgin Mary begins with this sentence, quoting the Bible: "Hail, Mary, full of grace".

UPON= (old fashioned) On.

VOW= A strong promise. In this case, Mary is referring to the vows that force her to be faithful to her husband. She is pregnant because God made her so, but people think that she is going to have a baby from another man other than Joseph.

I'VE BROKEN NO VOW= I haven't broken any vow.
In English we can't use a double negative (two negatives in one sentence) so we have to choose just one thing. In the sentence "I've broken no vow" we use NO to deny the object; in the sentence "I haven't broken any vow" we use NOT to deny the verb.
- I haven't got any friends here = I have no friends here.
- She doesn't know French = She knows no French.

PUT TO DEATH= Killed. The pusnishement for being unfaithful at that time was death (stoned).

ALMIGHTY= That has all the power, that can do anything (might = power, mighty = powerful, almighty = all powerful)

CAESAR= The king of the Romans /si:zə*/

ANCESTORS= Your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, great-great-great-grandparents, etc.

BETHLEHEM= /beθləhem/ The town where Jesus was born because Joseph's ancestors were originally from that city.

RAISE= If you raise a child, you bring him up, you give him an education at home, teach him how to live, what to do, how to behave, etc.

BE ABLE TO= Can. We only use CAN for the present and future, COULD for the conditional and past, and BE ABLE TO for all the tenses.
Present- I can do it = I am able to do it
Past- I could do it = I was able to do it
Future = I can do it tomorrow = I will be able to do it tomorrow
Conditional = I could do it if I lived there = I would be able to do it if I lived there
Present perfect = I have been able to do it
Present continuous= I'm being able to do it

THREAT= A threat is something that represents a danger to you.

RULE= Authority, governing power.

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