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World's Toughest Job
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Mullen, an advertising agency in Boston, made ​​a false job of 'Director of Operations' on the Internet and newspapers. This was seen by 2.7 million people, but 24 people responded to the ad. Everyone sat in a virtual interview and were surprised that they required of them: there are no holidays and zero money.

Nevertheless, millions of people have done it every day for years. When interviewed discover who have made the 'hardest job in the world', some could not contain and shed tears.

(We created a fake job)

Just give me one second. Thank you. Sorry.


Two minutes, thank you.

Hi, good afternoon. Sorry about that.

Hi, nice meeting you. Nice meeting you as well.

Have you ever done one of these interviews over the camera before?

Let me tell you a little bit about the job to get started with.

It's not just a job. It's sort of probably the most important job.

The title we that have going right now is "director of operations", but it's really kind of so much more than that.

Responsibilities and requirements are really quite extensive.

First category for the requirements would be mobility.

This job requires that you must be able to work standing up most or really all of the time.

constantly on your feet, constantly bending over, constantly exerting yourself for high level of stamina.


That's a lot.

For how many hours?

From a hundred and thirty five hours to unlimited hours a week, it's basically twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

I'm sure you have a chance from time to time to maybe just sit down here and there, yeah?

You mean like a break. No, there are no breaks available.

Is that even legal?

Yeah, of course.

So like, no lunch?

You can have lunch but only when the associate is done eating their lunch.

I think that's a little intense.

No, not possible. That's crazy.

This position requires excellent negotiation and interpersonal skill.

We're really looking for someone that might have degrees in  medicine, in finance and the culinary arts.

You must be able to wear several hats.

The associate needs constant attention.

Sometimes they have to stay up with the associate throughout the night.

You need to be able to work in a chaotic environment.

If you had a life, we'd ask you to sort of give that life up.

No vacations and in fact, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and holidays, the workload is gonna go up. And we demand that with, with a happy disposition.

That's almost cruel. That's almost a very very sick, twisted joke.

When is the time to sleep or?

No time to sleep.

All encompassing almost. That's exactly right.

Do you have to do it three sixty-five days a year? Yes.

No, that's inhumane.

That's very insane.

The meaningful connections that you make. The feeling that you get for helping your associate are immeasurable.

Also, let's cover the salary. The position is gonna pay absolutely nothing.

Excuse me?

No! Nobody will do that for free.

Yeah, pro bono. Completely for free.

What if I told you that there is someone that actually, currently holds this position right now.

Billions of people actually.





Haha. That's awesome.

And they meet every requirement, don't they?

Oh my God, Moms are the best.

Yeah, there is no pay. They're twenty-four hours. They're always there.

Now I'm thinking about my mom.

What are you thinking about her?

I'm thinking about all those nights and everything.

Thank you so much for everything you do. I know it doesn't seem like I appreciate all of it but I definitely do.

So, mom I wanna say thank you for everything that you've done. I love you very much. You've been there through thick and thin.

My mom is just awesome. She is awesome.


The job ad listed the many unusual requirements for director of operations and still, a few dozen people answered it and set up video interviews:

- Must be able to work 135-plus hours a week, it said.
- Must work standing up for most hours, often overnight.
- No breaks.
- Eating depends on when the "associate" eats.
- Able to manage 10 to 15 projects at one time. (There are many, many more tough demands on time, emotions and mental skills)
- And the work for Rehtom Inc. (there's the first clue) is pro bono. Yes, for free.

The job sounds impossible. But the people behind the ad say billions of people do it every day. The video is a reminder that a mother's impact is endless. And so is her job description, American Greetings says on the website.

As you might guess, when the interviewer discusses the unique requirements for the job, many a head is shaken and words like "crazy" and "insane" are dispersed. Eventually, here is the reveal of the true job title -- mom -- and the sentimental among us have to brush away the tears as the tributes to moms flow.

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