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Fame (preview)
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If you're already singing the theme song just from seeing the title, then you know this is going to be the movie for you!

Yes, Fame has hit the remake circuit, bringing together another crop of promising young artists from the New York City High School of Performing Arts. You'll get to see all the struggles and triumphs first hand and understand what FAME means for them.

- We've seen 150 students today, and they all swear that they have a special gift to offer the school. Do you have a special gift?
- Yes 
- Wow.
♪ Baby look at me ♪
♪ And tell me what you see ♪
♪ You ain't seen the best of me yet ♪
Gimme time, I'll make you forget the rest ♪
- You've got talent. Let's see what we can do with it.
- Oh, Nice
♪ Remember my name ♪
♪ Fame ♪
♪ Remember ♪
- My parents would die if they saw this. They think everyone’s practicing cello all day.
- I was the best singer at my old school
- How do you know if you're good enough?
- She's hot.
- But she thinks she's the most talented kid in the school.
- Maybe she is.
- This girl is amazing.
- You guys produce?
- I'm actually working on a track right now.
- Every teenager on this block wants to be the next rock-all, sing-all...
- But ma, I'm talented.
- And who in the world told you you were so special?
- You did.
Everything you want to change about yourself, all the parts of yourself that you keep secret, it's your power, it's who you are.
♪ Whoa-o-o-oh ♪
♪ All your dreams ♪
♪ Don't ever let me go ♪
♪ Be yourself, and let the wind take over
♪ They will see, if you will only, only dream ♪
Somebody's gotta make it out there - why can't it be me?

SWEAR= To say or affirm with great conviction.

GIFT= A special talent.

AIN’T= (colloquial) this form is the negative of “to be” or “have” in the present, so “you ain’t seen” = “you haven’t seen”.

GIMME= (colloquial) Give me.

MY PARENTS WOULD DIE...= My parents would be really angry and/or shocked.

CELLO= /tʃeləʊ/ (Italian word with Italian pronunciation). A string instrument (see picture).

ENOUGH= /ɪnʌf/

SHE’S HOT= She has very good looks, she’s very attractive.

AMAZING= Fantastic, wonderful, great.

YOU GUYS= (colloquial AmE) The phrase “you guys” is the plural form and “you” is the singular form:
- Kevin, you stay here. Tim, Josh and Susan, you guys come with me.

I’M WORKING ON A TRACK= I’m preparing/recording a song (a track= a music track = one of the songs in a CD).

RIGHT NOW= At this very moment. We can use RIGHT to emphasize time and place (right here, right now).

ON THIS BLOCK= Notice the preposition ON. A block is a group of buildings in a city bounded by intersecting streets on each side. In colloquial English (like here) it is often used to mean “neighbourhood” (all the buildings and people in this area).
- New kids on the block = new boys in the neighbourhood.

MA= (AmE) mamma (BrE) mummy

I’M TALENTED= I’ve got talent, I have a gift.

WHO IN THE WORLD TOLD YOU...= The phrase “in the world” after interrogative words (who, what, when, etc) gives emphasis to the question (makes it stronger).

LET THE WIND TAKE OVER= Let the wind posses you (so that you can flow and be free). It really means "let the wind take control", so we have an apparent contradiction here because the song says "be yourself and let the wind take over".

GOTTA= (coll.) Have got to. Here, it means like "must", used to state a strong positive deduction: you gotta be Susan = you must be Susan = you are Susan for sure, I know it.

MAKE IT= Succeed.

SOMEBODY’S GOTTA MAKE IT OUT THERE= Someone has to succeed in out society. The expression “out there” (life, society) is opposed to “in here” (the school / home).

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