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Danny's Pirate Party (Peppa Pig)
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Peppay pig goes to a pirate party.

I am Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig.
Danny's Pirate Party.
Today is Danny Dog's Birthday. He is having a party.
Yoo hoho!
Everyone has come dressed as a pirate.
Yoo hoho!
Pedro Pony is dressed up as a cowboy. Eee hi!

Ahoy, there, me hearties.
It is Granddad Dog dressed up as a pirate.
Hello, Granddad Dog.
Call me Dog Beard.
Hello, Dog Beard.
Which of ye, scurvy pirates, crave a ration of swashbuckler o'er the briny seas?
Why is he talking funny?
That's pirate talk.
If you want to play my pirate game, say "Arrr!"
Is it a dangerous game?
No, Pedro. Granddad Dog has promised me it will be a very safe game.
But it will be exciting. So who wants to play?

Here be the  plan. Time was I had a heap of gold that was mine by right. But I was hornswoggled by one Captain Hog!
Pirate talk is a bit difficult to understand.
Captain Hog took my treasure.
Know you. The Captain Hog is a fearsome pirate. Some of you may already know him as Grandpa Pig.
Ah, Grandpa Pig!
The game is to go to Captain Hog's hideout and get back my treasure without being caught.

Everyone is excited to be playing a pirate game.
Hello, Grandpa Pig. We are on our way.
Jolly good.
Jolly good.
Grandpa Pig and Parrot are garding the pirate treasure.
Be the black galleon fast and the wind at our backs.  Win away!
What does that mean?
Run to the boat.
Yo hoho.
Ee hi
Hold there. Put your life jackets up.

On Granddad Dog's boat, all the children must wear life jackets.
That scurvy Dog Beard should be here by now.
Here is a nice cup of tea, Grandpa Pig.
Oh, thank you, Granny Pig.
At last, are we already now?
Mr. Dog Beard, I need to go to the toilet.
And me.
And me.
And me.
And me.
What can be keeping them?

Hello, Granddad Dog. I thought you said you were on your way.
Yes, yes. We are almost there. It's taking a while to get my crew together.
Anchor's away. Full sail.
Ahoy, Dog Beard.

We're jolly pirates we
That sail the deep blue sea
To find the golden treasure
For sails are high, yippee!
Land ahoy!

The children have arrived at Grandpa Pig's orchard.
The game is to get that treasure without being caught.
Hurrah for the pirates!
Shush! Mommy.

I hope there are no pirates around here trying to take my lovely treasure.
Peppa and her friends have got the coins without being caught.
It's chocolate coins.
Everybody loves chocolate coins.
Yum, yum, yum.

Aha, got you.
Granddad Dog has been caught.
Try and take my treasure, would you?
It's mine. I want it fair and square.
Oh, no, you didn't .
Oh, yes, I did.

Thank you, Captain Hog and Dog Beard for the lovely pirate game.
Oh, you are very welcome.
Eh, oh, yes. It's been lots of fun.
Happy birthday, Danny!
This be the best pirate party ever!

We're jolly pirates we
That sail the deep blue sea
To find the golden treasure
For sails are high, yippee!
We're jolly pirates we
For sails are high, yippee!


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