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I Love Going to Granny and Grandpa's It's Just That... (Charlie and Lola)
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Charlie and Lola's parents are sending them to their grandparents'. Lola is a bit reluctant at first but...

I Love Going to Granny and Grandpa's It's Just That...
Ah, this one.
I have this little sister, Lola. She is small and very funny. Today mum and dad are taking us to granny and granpa's house by the sea.
Lola loves going to granny and grandpa's house, don't you, Lola?
This time, something seems to be on Lola's mind.
[ Sighs ] oh, it's no good, Charlie.
We can't go to granny and grandpa's because my hoolie-hoop will not fit in my suitcase.
We could just put it in the car, Lola.
I know, but I really need it to go in my suitcase.
Unh! ugh!
[ Gasps ] Lola, the sooner we leave, the sooner we'll be at granny and grandpa's.
Oh. mmm.
[ Sighs ] oh, this one.
Lola, I really hope that granny makes us some of her apple pie and ice cream.
[ Gasps ] I do really love it.
It's my favorite, and it's my best.
[ Gasps ] yummy!
So come on, Lola.
But, Charlie, you can eat toomuch apple pie and ice cream.
And then you can also pop.
[ Blowing ] ] only if you eat mountains of it, Lola.
And it's such fun playing in granny's painting room, isn't it?
[ Birds chirping ] [ meows ] [ giggles ] granny allowed me to play "dressing up" all day with absolutely no stopping.
[ Laughs ] do you remember grandpa's cord player?
Oh, yes, yes.
And we did dancing to music, didn't we?
Oh, this one.
[ Rock music plays ] [ humming ] and we danced and danced and danced.
Yes, that was a lovely day, but it did make me very tired.
And my feet were a little hurty, you know, after.
But then you didn't need your feet the next day because granny and grandpa let us go on the ponies, didn't they?
Yes, and when we were on the ponies, your voice went all wiggledy-woggledy, didn't it?
[ Both laugh ] uh-uh-uh.
Hurry up, Lola.
Keep up with me.
[ Both laugh ] I'm trying, Charlie!
Make him go faster, grandpa!
Make him go faster!
Yes, and I think you know that all of the ponies really do like me.
But when you do go on a pony ride, you have to choose just one pony.
And it's hard to choose just one pony because what about all the other ponies?
They're all so sweet.
Well, you might have time to go on all the ponies if you hurry up.
Are you ready?
I'm almost nearly ready, Charlie.
But what about my hoolie-hoop?
I told you, the hula-hoop can go in the car.
Oh. mmm.
Lola, what's the problem?
You love going to granny and grandpa's.
Yes, yes, I do.
It's just that, I think you've forgotten about soren lorenson.
CharlieSOREN LORENSON Is Lola's imaginary friend.
They go everywhere together.
No one else can see him except for Lola.
I think he would really, really, absolutely miss me far too much if I went away.
Why can't soren lorenson come with us, Lola?
Because he has to look after mom and dad, Charlie, while we're away.
I know what you can do so soren lorenson won't miss you.
There's a special way you can always tell soren lorenson what you're doing at granny and grandpa's.
Come on.
What is it, Charlie?
You can send a postcard every day, if you want.
You can tell soren lorenson all about jumping in the waves.
We've been there, Charlie.
Your sand castles.
Look at all the ponies!
And of course, the ponies.
You'd like to get a postcard every day, wouldn't you, soren lorenson?
Especially the ones with ponies on it.
Oh, oh, I see.
We're not extremely sure if mom and dad will be all right with just soren lorenson here and without me.
He thinks theywill quite miss me, too.
But you can write to them, too.
You stick the stamp there.
And you can write our address here.
Mom and dad.
A crocodile street.
And this is where you write mom and dad a message.
That's good, Lola.
And then you pop it in the post.
Then mom and dad and soren lorenson will know that we're having a fun time and that we're thinking of them.
Uh, yes, the postcards are good, Charlie.
It's just that they won't be talking, and I need to talk to mom and dad every day.
Well, that's fine because mom and dad can call us on granny's telephone.
Soren lorenson and me must talk to each other on our own.
Come on, soren lorenson.
Lola, I'm really looking forward to getting all the postcards, especially the one of all the ponies.
I love ponies.
Soren lorenson, I think the postcard idea is really a very good one, too.
And I know you'll be fine with mom and dad.
And mom and dad will be fine with you while I'm away.
It's just that maybe I will miss mom and dad, too.
Oh, I see.
Maybe you should tell Charlie you're gonna miss mom and dad.
Charlie, soren lorenson thinks that I might miss mom and dad too much and that maybe I shouldn't go to grandma and grandpa's at all.
In fact, maybe none of us should go to granny and grandpa's.
And maybe we should all just stay here.
And granny and grandpa could come and see us.
Is that what soren lorenson really said?
He didn't actually sayallof that.
Yes, Lola?
I thinkiwill miss mom and dad if I go to granny and grandpa's.
Come here.
[ Whimpering ] ..
I know something that will really help.
Ah, look at that.
Look at all mom and dad's stuff.
[ Sniffing ] mmm. mom's scarf.
[ Sniffing ] mmm!
It smells of mom.
Why don't you take it to granny and grandpa's then?
To remind you of mom.
That's a good idea.
And this will remind me of dad!
[ Sniffing ] mmm.
It smells of clean.
So Lola chose one thing of mom's and one thing of dad's so that she could think about them every single day when we were at granny and grandpa's.
And soren lorenson is going to keep my hoolie-hoop to a-mind him of me because I can't fit it in my suitcase.
Ready, Charlie!
Well done, Lola.
♪ La la la la ♪
and finally, we got in the car and went to granny and grandpa's.
Mmm mmm mmm.
Granny's apple pie and ice cream is my favorite and my best.
Wow! raspberries!
Me, too, please!
[ Gasps ] yummy!
Grandpa says we can make as much noise as we like.
Hey, yeah, yeah!
[ Giggles ] hey, yeah, yeah!
[ Laughs ] whoo!
Yes, that one 'cause I've got to show soren lorenson the sea gulls.
And that one with the beach, and the waves, and the one with the ponies.
Faster, grandpa!
Make him go faster!
You can't beat me, Lola!
[ Both laugh ] [ humming ] [ telephone rings ] ooh, casper!
That has made my picture all very nice indeed.
Lola, mom and dad are on the phone.
Do you want to speak to them?
Ooh, can you tell them I am far too busy to talk on the telephone right now, but I will call them later.
Otherwise, I know how much they'll miss me.


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