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Phonetics with M-E
Work and Play (and other episodes) 55ms (Peppa Pig)
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Everybody is busy but Peppa has it hard to understand the difference between playing and working. Or maybe they are not so different after all.

Transcript for the first episode: Doctor Hamster's Tortoise

It's a tortoise.
It's Tiddles, the tortoise.
Hello, Tiddles!
Tiddles has slept all through the winter. Woo.
Why has he got that shell thing on his back?
That shell is his house.
It's very high if he gets hurt. Would you like to stroke him?
Yes, please. Don't be scared Tiddles.
How old is he?
Tiddles is 33.
That's as old as my mom.
But tortoises can live for a hundred years.
That's as old as my grandpa.
Why is he so slow?
He has to carry his house on his back.
Ah, Doctor Hamster, I think Tiddles is escaping.
He can't go far.
Because he is so slow.
I have got some one else to show you here. Dinosaur!
Oh! George! You always say dinosaur!
Oh! It is a dinosaur! Woo.
She is not a dinosaur, this is Lulu, the lizard.
Hello, Lulu!
She is scaly, like a dragon.
Can she breathe fire?
No, but she has a very long tongue. Wow.
Does she sleep through the winter, like Tiddles?
No. Oh! Where is Tiddles? Tiddles!
Oh, dear! Tiddles the tortoise has run away!
Don't worry, Doctor Hamster, we'll find where it is.
Is he in the music room?
Tiddles is not in the music room.
Is he in the play house?
Tiddle is not in the play house.
Is he hiding by the coats?
Tiddles is not hiding by the coats.



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