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Work and Play (and other episodes) 55ms (Peppa Pig)
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Everybody is busy but Peppa has it hard to understand the difference between playing and working. Or maybe they are not so different after all.

I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
this is  Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig. Work and Play.

It is a lovely sunny morning.
Ah! What a nice day for doing nothing!
Daddy pig loves doing nothing.
Daddy, aren't you going to work today?
No, Peppa, it's Saturday.
Daddy pig doesn't work on Saturdays.
Daddy pig, you'll be late for work!
But it is Saturday, mummy pig, isn't it?
No. It's Thursday!
Daddy pig works on Thursdays.
See you later.
Bye bye.

Poor daddy, having to work! Lucky mummy, you can play at home all day.
I'm not playing. I'm working on my computer.
George wants to play the Happy Mrs. Chicken game.
George, we can play the Happy Mrs. Chicken game after I finish my work.

Mummy sheep and Suzy have come to pick up Peppa for play group.
Hello Peppa!
Hello Suzy!
Have a good day at the play group.
Bye bye mummy. Work hard...

Mrs Sheep, do you work or do you play?
I'm going to be working very hard today... I'm off to the gym.
What do you do at the gym?
Running, jumping and skipping.
Mummy, that's not work. That's play.

Peppa and Suzy have arrived at the play group.
Hello everyone!
Hello Peppa, hello Suzy!
Ah ho, children!
Today, we would play shops!
Who wants to be the shopkeeper?
Me, me, me!
Peppay and Suzy can be shopkeepers. Everyone else can be customers.

Peppa and Suzy are going to run a pretend shop.
What do you wave to do?
I'll take the money Suzy and you can start the shelves.

Danny dog is the first customer.
Hello shopkeeper.
Hello Mr. Dog.
Can I have some biscuits, please?
Suzy, have we got any biscuits?
No, but we've got a toy telephone.
How much will that be?
That will be a hundred pounds, please.
Thank you. Next please.
Hello shopkeeper, can I have a loaf of bread, please?
No, but you can have a toy house.
Would you like it in a bag, sir?
Yes, please.
That will be one penny, please.
Oh, I haven't got enough money.
You can pay us next time you come in.
Gosh! This is hard work.

Hello, shopkeeper! What can I buy for a million thousand pounds, please?
Suzy, what have we got for a million thousand pounds?
Em... a carrot.
Yes, please.
Rebecca Rabbit likes carrots.

It is home time. Daddy pig has come to collect Peppa and Suzy.
Daddy, have you had a busy day?
Yes, I've been working very hard.
We've been working very hard too. We've been shopkeepers.
Blah, blah, blah... the end and print.

Mummy pig has finished her works.
Ok, George, perhaps we can just play one game of Happy Mrs. Chicken. We've earned it.
Naughty mummy! You are playing Happy Mrs. Chicken.
Ah, that's because George and I have finished our work, haven't we, George?
We've all finished our work, so let's all play.



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