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Eye idioms (Steve Ford) (Canada)
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First the teacher explains some idioms using the word "eye", and then you get a test to see if you can remember them. At the end you have some bonus questions. Look at the KEY for the answers.

Here are the answers to all the questions in the video test, including the bonus questions. Don't read these answers until you have tried to do the test yourself:

1- She's giving me the evil eye
2- I'm going to keep an eye on you
3- They see eye to eye
4- This teacher's got eyes on the back of her head
5- Someone gives you a black eye BONUS QUESTIONS
6- To turn a blind eye= To ignore something. To refuse to see or recognize something e.g. He turned a blind eye to tax fraud.
7-  To get all misty eyed= To get emotional. To get your eyes cloudy with tears. They are watery (with water, tears) so you see through them a bit like through the mist (fog). e.g. At the wedding of her daughter she got all misty eyed.
8- I can do that with my eyes closed= I can do it easily
9- You are the apple of my eye= You are very special to me. e.g. Richard was to me as an eldest son, the apple of my eye.
10- To give someone the eye= To flirt with someone. e.g. When she got into the bar, all the guys gave her the eye. It may also mean simply "to look at someone intensely (to gaze).

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