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Future going to (English with Sound &…) (US & foreign)
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Here is a video from the English with Sound and Light series, useful for learning how to form future sentences with the most usual future construction: 'going to'.

The most common verb construction to talk about future in English is "be going to":

- Tomorrow it's going to rain.
- I'm going to Europe for my summer holidays.
- They're going to arrive by 3 o'clock.

In colloquial English we usually say "(be) gonna", as some of the people on the video say:

- We're gonna buy a new car.
- Oh man, you gonna love this!
- I gonna watch some telly later.
- She's gonna come home for dinner.

You will be asked to say what the people on the video are going to do. For the activity, you will need these verbs (check the meaning of the verbs you don't know before doing the activity):

have an accident, sweep, clean, take a test, vacuum, play a record, check, trip, solve,  eat, take, wash, fall asleep, watch, pour, iron, comb, raise the flag, exercise, sneeze, connect, pick up, unlock, turn on, close, talk on the phone, answer the door brush, punch holes, put some staplers, share, climb, ride, buy, sharpen, cross,  pack, ask.

You can pause the video after each question if you need time to think.

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