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Speak English fluently: rule 2 (A.J. Hoge)
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Improve your speaking with some excellent advice.

This teacher offers us 7 rules to help you speak English fluently. This lesson explains rule number 2:

Do not study grammar rules.

Here are the 7 rules to learn fluent English effortlessly:

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warning: Automatic generatic subtitles

hi this is aj and it's time for secret
or rule number two
for excellent english speaking now this
one i think
is going to be your favorite i think
this is going to be your favorite secret
most of our subscribers most of our
students tell us this is the one they
love that they loved hearing this
that it set them free
so what is it
what is secret number two
secret number two is this
study grammar rules
you're finished with grammar
no more
never study grammar rules
now i know this may be a big surprise
this is a surprise for a lot of people
for a lot of our students a lot of our
subscribers a lot of our members
when they first hear this rule they're
they're shocked they're surprised and
they think
is is that true could that be possible
maybe you're feeling a little unsure
about this particular secret or rule
well that's natural
the reason it seems shocking or
surprising is that
all your
life that you have been learning english
your teachers have been telling you
study grammar study grammar study
grammar grammar is the secret grammar is
the secret to english grammar grammar
grammar grammar i don't know exactly
when you started
studying english
maybe in elementary school when you were
maybe in middle school or high school
when you're a bit older
maybe later than that but i'm sure that
in school
your teachers told you grammar was the
key grammar was super important you had
to study all these grammar rules you had
to know the the past and the past
perfect and the present and the present
perfect and the present progressive and
the future perfect progressive you had
to know what all of that stuff was and
how to do all of the changes to the
verbs and you had to know possessives of
course and then there were all the
endless grammar
you had to memorize all of these rules
and probably most of your english
classes were focused on these grammar
rules and then taking tests about these
grammar rules
it doesn't work
stop doing it you're finished
in our system no grammar rule study
now some people when they hear this they
think no no that's not right and they
don't they don't believe me
so i have only one question for you
you have been
learning these grammar rules for years
and years and years
my simple question is
did it work
can you now
speak english
and automatically
is your grammar correct when you speak
or do you still
make mistakes
with simple grammar like the like the
past tense
i mean if you're a fantastic amazing
english speaker probably
you don't need to watch this video
but i'm guessing if you're watching this
it means you're not a great english
speaker you do not have excellent
english speaking
and yet you know so much grammar i
you know more grammar than i do
because i don't think about this stuff
when i speak english i just use it
i don't need to think about the past
or the present perfect or anything else
it just comes out correctly usually i
make mistakes sometimes like everyone
but normally it just comes out
when you speak your own language
do you think about grammar rules
of course not
here's the problem with grammar rules
they cause you to think about english so
you are always analyzing it meaning
you're always thinking about it all the
now for writing
that's okay
i mean even when i write in english
sometimes i might stop for a minute and
think oh wait wait what's the grammar
for that
not usually but sometimes maybe
why can i do that why can you do that
well because of course with writing you
have plenty of time there's no there's
no pressure there's no speed you can
write very very very slowly
and then you can go and you can write
the same thing again and then you can
show it to somebody and say is this
correct and they can say oh no you know
change this and then you can write it
all of that is possible with writing
so you know if you want to study grammar
rules for writing you know okay but
here's the problem for speaking there is
no time
if i walk up to you and i say hey how's
it going what did you do yesterday
you have no time to be thinking about
which tense is it and what do i say
there's no time you need to answer
immediately instantly automatically
and when you speak that grammar needs to
be correct automatically
you can't be thinking about it
you can't be trying to remember some
grammar rule
no if you are thinking about grammar
rules it causes you to speak slowly
causes you to hesitate and stop a lot
and when you're listening to people if
you're thinking about grammar you're not
really hearing them very well
it causes huge problems you have to stop
studying grammar no more
see native speakers meaning people who
grow up learning english we never study
i never studied grammar until
high school
when i was about 16 years old we started
studying some grammar but it was just
for writing it was just for academic
writing for writing for school
kind of papers that's all
but by then i already used correct
spoken grammar perfectly
so how did i learn grammar as a child
how does it happen every american child
learns to speak with
good english grammar most at least do
how do they do it if they don't study
grammar rules well we talked about it in
secret number one first of all they're
learning it from phrases
natural phrases and there's a few other
ways that they're learning grammar which
we'll talk about
in some of our future secrets or rules
but the point is they are not studying
grammar rules they do not get themselves
with grammar rules if you're thinking
about grammar rules you're going to be
confused it's going to hurt your
speaking ability so you must stop
now and never do it again
in fact here's what i want you to do
go grab all your grammar books english
grammar books and put them on top of
each other
and then burn them
get a fire put some gasoline on there
and whoa
and let the fire come up and if you want
you can dance around it woohoo and
celebrate and smile and jump around
because you are free of english grammar
no more with our system you will never
study another grammar rule again i
promise you
and that should make you happy because i
know that grammar rules cause a lot of
a lot of boredom
a lot of frustration
nobody likes them
so just forget it so this is good news
today secret number two rule number two
is great news
throw away your grammar books burn them
have a party celebrate because you will
never study grammar rules again
and that is secret number two
i'll see you again tomorrow for a very
important secret
it's also very simple but very powerful
have a great day bye

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