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UK vs US English (Northern)
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Here's an interesting comparison of many of the most common differencies between British and American vocabulary. See the list of words below, but watch the video for a better understanding.

Here is the list of American words and their British equivalent.

 US        UK

soccer = football
football= rugby (more or less)
parking lot = car park
Hood = bonnet
windshield = windscreen
trunk = boot
reflecters = cats eyes
median = central reservation
stick shift = gear stick
freeway/express way = motorway
intersections = junctions
traffic circles = roundabouts

egg plant = aubergine
cookies = biscuits
chocolate chips = cookies
cotton candy = candy floss
french fries = chips
chips = crisps
biscuits = savoury scone
zucchini = courgette
fish sticks = fish fingers
jelly = jam
jello = jelly
oat meal = porrige
pudding = custard
hot dessert = pudding
(cold) dessert = dessert
counterclockwise = anticlockwise
check (restaurant etc) = bill
(bank) check = cheque

suspenders = braces
garters = suspenders
fanny = bottom (bum)
drugstore = chemist
vacation = holidays
on vacation = on holiday
pacifier = dummy
diaper = nappy

he wrote me = he wrote to me
period = full stop
truck = lorry
eraser = rubber

wrench = spanner
faucet = tap
realtor = estate agent
undershirt = vest
vest = waistcoat
cigarette = cigarette/fag
fagot = gay / meatball
 spotted dick
thank you = thank you/cheers
dumpster = skip
call somebody = ring somebody
to pet an animal = to stroke an animal
garbage = rubbish
cell phone = mobile (phone)
flashlight = torch
bullshit = bullshit/bollocks

Note: there's still one very important difference that you need to know so as not to be caught in embarrassing misunderstandings:
pants = trousers
underwear = pants


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