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In time & on time (Let's Talk) (India)
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The phrases "in time" and "on time" are very similar in meaning, but English speakers use them in slightly different situations. In this lesson Niharika brings out the difference between the two time phrases.

On time :

Doing something "on time" means meeting an appointment, or meeting a time that has been set by someone.

For example:
I hardly ever get to work on time.
Peter wants to start the meeting on time.

In time :

Doing something "in time" means doing it before a deadline, or doing it before it becomes unavailable:

For Example:
The ambulance arrived just in time at the accident spot.
If you don't submit your project in time, you will be fired.

If you make a mistake with choosing "on time" or "in time", it's not a big problem. Other English speakers might notice your mistake, but they probably won't get upset about it.



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