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Polite Etiquette rules to interrupt someone in English (Let's Talk) (India)
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Here are many reasons why a person may interrupt others while speaking. First and foremost, when interacting with clients, you must learn about the conversational cues. These cues are different in English than your native language. If a lack of understanding of these cues creates a situation where the only way to interact is to interrupt, it could cause the client to get a bad impression of you. If someone is often interrupted someone will get the impression that you are not an effective communicator. This will not give a good impression of you, or your business. This video will show you polite and impolite ways to do it.

The phrases below showcase the polite ways and etiquette rules to enter a conversation if interruptions are necessary.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but...."
"Before we move on to the next point, may I add...?"
"Sorry, I didn't catch that, is it possible to repeat the last point.."
"Excuse me (name), may I add to that...?"
"Do you mind if I jump in here?"
"Pardon me..."
"I don't mean to intrude..."
"While that is an important point, it's also important to add..."

Impolite Phrases for Interruptions

Do not use these phrases:
Wait a minute!!
What was that?
Hold on/Hold up while I say...
Be quiet...
It's my turn to talk...
What are you talking about?
But, I already said....
You're not listening to me... I said....
What did you say?


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