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Surprise in London - IELTS listening practice (Crown Academy of English)
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Improve your listening skills for the IELTS test with this exercise with subtitles based on a British news report about a surprise event in London last week.

The IELTS Listening Test is the first part of the IELTS listening exam and this video will help you prepare and practice for it.

It comes with YouTube subtitles (if you have them activated)

0:19 Lesson plan

2:30 Learn the English Vocabulary needed for the lesson - gig, truck, audience.

6:53 Listening questions:

1. How old is the singer?
2. What did the singer say to the audience?
3. Why was Harel disappointed?
4. Complete the sentence:
In an interview with the BBC, Paul said "It was very exciting. ____ _____ _____ _____ ______ ."
5. When did the singer surprise his fans in New York?
6. Who had the idea for these surprises?

9:00 Listen to the English news report.

11:40 Answers to the questions

13:45 Listen to the report with the transcript


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