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Things in my closet (Andre Moreno)
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Learn some vocabulary about clothes and other things people keep inside their closet.

See how much new vocabulary you can learn from the video and see if you can name all those things yourself after watching the video a few times. All this vocabulary is very common and you need to know it (with the only exception of the word "origami", but just for that reason you will probably remember this strange word).

CLOSET (AmE) = Cupboard (BrE), but especially "wardrobe" (for clothes), usually built-in (embedded inside the wall)

SLEEVES= the parts of a sweater, shirt, etc. that cover your arms

CELL PHONE (AmE) = Mobile phone (BrE)

SNEAKERS (AmE) = Trainers (BrE)

PILLOW= the soft thing where you rest your head in bed when sleeping

PILLOW CASE= the cloth that covers the pillow. You can also use CASE to refer to anything (soft or hard) that is used to put a specific thing inside, e.g: "pencil case" (a box for putting pencils inside), "glasses case" (a box for putting your glasses in), "guitar case" (a box, in the shape of a guitar, to keep your guitar in).

DRESS SHIRT = an elegant shirt you use to dress up for special occasions when you want to look formal (e.g. a wedding, a meeting, etc.). On the video you’ll also hear "dress pants", "dress shoes", with the same meaning.

BOXERS= a special kind of underwear which is loose and has an elastic waistband.

SWEAT PANTS (AmE) = jogging bottoms (trousers for doing sports). In BrE we usually say "track suit" for the complete outfit, and then refer to the two parts as "top" and "bottom" or "trousers" and "jacket".

GLOVES= careful with the pronunciation, we use the vowel in HUT

ORIGAMI= a word of Japanese origin referring to figures made just by folding paper

UNDERWEAR (AmE) = The garment you wear under your trousers. BrE= PANTS
UNDERWEAR (BrE) = pants + vest (the clothes you wear under your other clothes)
PANTS (AmE) = Trousers (BrE)
VEST (BrE) = Undervest (AmE)
VEST (AmE) = Waistcoat (BrE). But even in Britain we say "a bullet-proof vest" (to stop bullets from killing you), although it should be "*a bullet-proof waistcoat" (but it’s probably an American invention).

Underwear/pants come in different sizes and shapes, but the two most usual kinds are:
BRIEFS= tight, no legs, also called "Y-front" when it’s the classic white one with a Y seam in front
BOXERS= loose, short legs
These words are used both in AmE and BrE.

So in AmE, your underclothes are: undervest (top) and underwear (bottom)
In BrE: vest (top) and pants (bottom)
In both AmE and BrE we can say "briefs" and "boxers"

SHORTS usually mean "short trousers" (not covering all your legs), but it is sometimes used to refer to underwear when it is more or less tight (like briefs) but with short legs (like boxers), although many people would call these just "boxers" anyway.

Be specially aware of the confusion with PANTS, meaning different things in both varieties. In Britain, if a little child can’t control his sphincters he can either wet his pants (with pee) or soil his pants (with poo), but in America, if a child wets his pants or soils them, probably he was just playing with water or mud, because there, "pants" are what you wear outside, not inside.

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