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Pie idioms (BBC World Service)
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This crazy teacher from the BBC introduces us to three idiomatic sentences connected with pies.

Hello, I´m a very intersting and intelligent man, and today this pie and I are getting together to teach you some English idioms. I bet you´ve never been taught by a pie before. Now you´re probably thinking it´s very difficult to learn anything from a pie, but you're wrong, it's as easy as pie.

In English if something is very easy we can say it's as easy as pie, it's as easy as pie.

Excuse me, I think I need to have a drink after all that pie.

Actually I think I had enough, actually. In fact, I'm completely pie-eyed. Pie-eyed. In English if someone is very drunk we can say he's pie-eyed.

I think I need a little sleep....

Pies... many pies... Did I tell you my boss is threating to fire me because I'm too weird, but I don't really care because I've got all my other jobs. On Monday I'm a fire-eater, on Tuesday I'm a brain surgeon, on Wednesday I0m a clown, on Thursday I'm an astronaut, and on Friday I'm a traffic warn. I've got my fingers in many pies.

In English if a person have the fingers in many pies it means they're involved in lots of different activities.

To have a finger in many pies.


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