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To too two (Linguaspectrum)
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A lesson about homophones showing three common ones: to, too and two.

You can also learn some expressions and vocabulary.

--> TWO -

- A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
- Two heads are better than one
- I've only got two hands
VOCABULARY: twins, twice, between, tweezers, twelve, twenty, twig

-->TO (preposition) = towards (direction)
It is important to know that this preposition has a weak pronunciation /tə/ most of the times, except when it is stressed for emphasis or because it goes at the end of the sentence or when we speak very slowly and clearly. In that case it is not a homophone of the other ones:
/tə/== I want to dance / Go to the beach / It may sound strange to you
/tu:/== I can do it, but I don't want to / I said go TO my house, not ROUND my house.

-->TOO = also, as well
-->TOO + adj/adv = excessively


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