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What is the meaning of "What are you up to?" (Cake English)
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Here is a common expression you should now.

Where is it?
Uh-oh, where is it? Daddy find it!
What are you guys up to?
Uh? Where's it gone?
Uhm, we're looking for chocolate (chocolate that I ate five minutes ago).

    Common English Phrases for Daily Conversation.

Hi everyone, let's take a look at today's expression: "What are you up to?".

If a person says "What are you up to?", the person is basically asking what you
are doing, so when you answer you can use present progressive tense.

Also the expression can be used to ask about your future plans by adding words
like "tonight" or "next weekend" in the end. For instance:

- What is she up to?
- She's studying for a test.
- What are you up to this weekend?
- I might go to a concert.

See? It's really easy to use in your daily conversation. Why don't you call your friends and ask what they are up to?

That's it for today. See you next time.

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YOU GUYS= (col., espc. AmE) This is the colloquial way of expressing the plural of you:

You are a boy (singular)

You guys are boys (plural)

In some parts they prefer other expressions, like "you all" or "ya'll", but "you guys" is now the usual form in America and getting spread in the UK and Australia too.

This expression is quite common.

Used for the present, there is often a touch of suspicion in the question (like you think something weird is happening or they may be after somethingf bad). If you use it as a plain equivalent of "what are you doing?", then it is a colloquial usage, and not so frequent.

Used for the future, on the contrary, it is usually colloquial and non suspicious.


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