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Deep deep trouble (The Simpsons)
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This is another rap by Bart Simpson telling the story of his life.

Homer: Bart!

Let me start at the start
Let's move right along,
You can all sing along at the sound of the gong.
Once upon a time, about a week ago,
All of a sudden, trouble started to grow.

Alarm was buzzin', I was snoozin',
S'posed to get up now, but I was refusin'
To let reality become an intrusion,
'Cause in dreamy-dream land, I was cruisin'.

But the buzz kept buzzin', my head kept buzzin'.
Gave the radio a throw, and heard an explosion.
(Homer: D'oh!)
Opened up my eyes, and to my surprise,
There stood Homer, and his temperature risin'.

I was chillin', he was yellin',
Face all distorted, 'cause he was propellin'.
It wasn't what he said, but more of his tone,
The usual jive, put your nose to the grindstone.

I said "I'm real sorry" but that didn't cut it,
I started to protest, but Dad said
Homer: Shut it.
Get up. Mow the lawn. Move it. On the double.
'Cause if you don't, you're in deep, deep trouble.

Deep, deep trouble.
Run into trouble.
Where's your sense of humour, man?
Deep, deep trouble.
And they go a little something like this.

So I’m in the front yard, mowin' like crazy,
Sweatin' like a pig and the sun is blazing.
Homer's in the driveway, getting in the car,
With Mom and Lisa, hope they're going real far.

Then dad yells
Homer: Bart
Bart: and I go Yo
He goes
Homer: You done yet?
Bart: and I go No.
So he goes
Homer: Oh! You're too slow.
Bart: So I step on the gas, to speed up the mow.

Didn't see that sprinkler underneath that tree,
Wham! Ccchhh! Pssshh! Raining on me!
I go Whoa, Homer goes
Homer: D'oh! Now you can't go to the boatshow.

This is my thanks after working my butt off?
Homer revs the motor and they all start to putt off.
Soaked to the bone, standing in a puddle,
No-one needs to tell me I'm in deep, deep trouble.

Marge: Go to your room.
Homer: Bart!
Bart: Yeah, right.
Marge: Bart, go to your room.
Back: Deep, deep trouble.
Marge: Go to your room.
Homer: Bart!
Bart: Oh, gimme a break.
Back: The young begins the trouble.
Bart: Well, you're damned if you do,
I know the answer. Well, you're damned if you do,
Back: Deep, deep trouble.
Bart: Well, you're damned if you do,
And you're damned if you don't.

As soon as they're gone, I'm stretched on the lawn,
Lookin' at the sky with my sunshades on.
Now I've never ever claimed that I was a smarty,
But inspiration hits me, let’s have a party.

Called up my posse, they were here in a flash,
They brought all their pals, we started to thrash.
There was romping and stomping, an occasional crash,
A fist fight or two, and Nintendo for cash.

We raided the fridge, dogs raided the trash,
I got a little worried when the windows got smashed.
The next thing you know, Mom and Dad are home,
The kids disappear and I'm all alone.

Everything's silent except for my moan,
And the low, bluesy tone of a saxophone.
They look at me, then they go into a huddle.
Get this sinking sensation I'm in deep, deep trouble.

Back: Trouble.
Homer: D'oh.
Marge: Oh.
Homer: Bart!
Bart: Oh, gimme a break.
Back: Deep, deep trouble.
Homer: Hey. What is this?
Back: Don't keep trouble.
Marge: Go to your room.
Lisa: Oh yeah.
Marge: Bart, go to your room.
Back: Deep, deep trouble.
Marge: Go to your room.
Bart: Okey, dokey.
Homer: Bart!

There's a little epilogue to my tale of sadness.
I was dragged down the street by his Royal Dadness.
We rounded the corner and came to a stop,
Threw me inside Jake's Barber Shop.

I said, Please Sir, just a little off the top.
Dude shaved me bare, gave me a lollipop.
So on my head, there's nothing but stubble.
Man, I hate being in deep, deep trouble.

Back: Trouble.
Bart: Well, you're damned if you do,
Back: Trouble! Trouble!
Bart: Well, you're damned if you do,
Back: Deep, deep trouble.
Bart: Well, you're damned if you do,
and you're damned if you don't.
Back: Nothing but trouble.
Bart: Aw, come on, man.
Well, you're damned if you do,
(What are we talking about?) Well, you're damned if you do,
Back: Deep, deep trouble.
Bart: (Where's your sense of humour?)
Well, you're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't.
Back: Trouble.
Deep, deep trouble.
Bart: Ha ha ha, ha ha.
Back: Deep, deep trouble

LET’S MOVE RIGHT ALONG= Let’s continue.

SING ALONG= Sing with me, sing at the same time.

ONCE UPON A TIME= This is the way fairy tales and all stories usually begin.

ALL OF A SUDDEN= Suddenly.

ALARM WAS BUZZING= The alarm clock was making a noise like bzzzzzzzzz.

SNOOZING= Having a little nap/siesta.

S’POSED TO GET UP NOW= I was supposed to get up then, I should have got up then.

CRUISING= Travelling, going around.

I WAS CHILLING= I was getting cold.

YELLING= Shouting.

DISTORTED= Disfigured.

PROPELLING= To propel means to cause to move forward (like “petrol propels this car”), but the meaning here must be different. No idea (shouting?).

JIVE= Nonsense talk.

PUT YOUR NOSE TO THE GRINDSTONE= Grindstone is millstone, a stone you use to make flour out of cereals. This expression means “work hard”.

THAT DIDN’T CUT IT= That didn’t stop dad from shouting at me.

SHUT IT= Be quiet, shut up.

MOW THE LAWN= Cut the grass in the garden.

MOVE IT= Go! Move!

ON THE DOUBLE= Immediately.
YOU’RE IN DEEP TROUBLE= You have a big problem.

SWEATING LIKE A PIG= Sweating very much.

THE SUN IS BLAZING= It’s very very hot.

DRIVEWAY= The path going from the street or road up to your garage, so that you can take your car into your house.

YELLS= Shouts.

I GO YO= I say, “yo”.

YO= It doesn’t mean anything, just a cool sound to say “hello” or, like here, simply to make a sound.

YOU DONE YET?= Have you finished yet?

I STEP ON THE GAS= I accelerated the machine (usually the car, but here he refers to the lawn-mower).

TO SPEED UP THE MOWN= To accelerate the cutting of the grass and finish faster.

SPRINKLER= A device to water the garden sprinkling water around it in a circle.

UNDERNEATH= Under, below.

BOATSHOW= An exhibition of boats.

AFTER WORKING MY BUTT OFF?= After working so much. BUTT is the part of your body where you sit on, and off indicates separation, so if you work your butt off, you work so much that your butt drops and comes off your body. Figuratively speaking, of course. He he.

THIS IS MY THANKS AFTER WORKING SO MUCH?= This is what I get for working so hard? This is my reward?

REVS= Reverses (goes backwards with the car).

PUTT OFF= Go away (very colloquial). Careful, it sounds “putt” like “but”, not “put” like “foot”. To putt the ball, in golf, is to hit the ball with the golf stick. “Off” indicates separation.

SOAKED TO THE BONE= Completely wet.

PUDDLE= A small pool of water, especially rainwater.

GIMME A BREAK= Give me a break, stop for a moment.

DAMNED= Condemned.

YOU’RE DAMNED IF YOU DO AND YOU’RE DAMNED IF YOU DON’T= This is a common expression that means: it doesn’t matter what you do, you are always in deep trouble.

STRETCHED ON THE LAWN= lying on the grass with arms and legs open, relaxed.

SUNSHADES= Sunglasses.

I’VE NEVER CLAIMED THAT…= I’ve never said that…

A SMARTY= A very clever person. (In America “smart” means “intelligent”).

INSPIRATION HITS ME= I have an idea!

POSSE= (slang) A group of friends. It is pronounced like “pohsee”.

IN A FLASH= Very quickly.

PALS= Friends.

THRASH= (slang) Dance.

A ROMPING= The verb to romp means to move in a violent way, energetically, so a romping is an example of that movement.

A STOMPING= To stomp, in slang, is the same as to thrash: to dance, especially in a violent way. So a stomping is an example of that.

AN OCCASIONAL CRASH= Something was broken sometimes.

A FIST FIGHT OR TWO= A few fights using your fists to hit each other.

NINTENDO FOR CASH= Bart was letting people play with his Nintendo but he was asking money for it. (Cash is money you can see as opposed to virtual money like credit cards, cheques, etc.)

WE RAIDED THE FRIDGE= A raid is a quick attack using war planes to shoot and bomb the place. To raid the fridge is to attack the refrigerator and take all the food from inside.

THE WINDOWS GOT SMASHED= They broke the windows.

MY MOAN= To moan is to make a sorrow sound, like when you are about to cry. Here it is a noun, so it refers to the sound he makes.


HUDDLE= A small private conference or meeting.

SINKING SENSATION= A very bad sensation like when you are sinking (going down in water). You have this sensation when you know something terrible is going to happen.

HIS ROYAL DADNESS= The expression is “his royal highness”, and it is the usual way to refer to a king. But instead of “highness” he says “dadness” because he is referring to his dad, a dad all-powerful, like a king.

WE ROUNDED THE CORNER= We went round the corner.

DUDE= A dude is a man, a guy, especially if he is very masculine and a little brute.

STUBBLE= Very short hair, like when you haven’t shaved your beard for two days.

Well, little Simpson is playing the poor victim and explaining that his parents are always making his life hell. But it’s not his fault, it’s just his parents being too hysterical and all the universe working against him to always mess things up. But not him, no, he’s just a little angel. Confused. He doesn’t know what to do because: you’re damn if you do and you’re damn if you don’t. That’s not fair. The poor thing! Sob, sob. Breaks my heart.

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