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It feels so good (Sonique)
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Sonique said of the song (which she wrote), 'It's about this guy whom I really liked years ago, but who didn't return my feelings. For he was very successful and I wasn't - at that time. And he thought that I was in love with his success. This song is just a way of declaring that it was him I liked".

You always make me smile
When I'm feeling down
You give me such a vibe
It's totally bona fide

It's not the way you walk
And it ain't the way you talk
It ain't the job you got
That keeps me satisfied

Your love, it feels so good
And that's what takes me high
Higher than before
Your love, it keeps me alive
Thought I should let you know
That your touching means so much
When I'm alone, I'm not
It's you that always makes me laugh

Oh, oh, baby

Oooooh, to understand
How I feel, deep inside
Oh oh, you make feel
All I need to feel
Yes, in my heart
(repeat 1)

Oh, oh, baby
(repeat 1, 1...)


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