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Lovely on my hand (Dorotea Mele) (Italy)
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"Lovely on my hand", written and produced by Fabrizio Campanelli and performed by Dorotea Mele is one of the most known songs at this moment (2012).

The song, chosen by Calzedonia as the soundtrack of the advertisement that celebrates the 25th birthday of this famous brand, is being broadcasted now by Italian, Spanish and Russian TV stations.

Version Remixed and produced by Gabry Ponte (Italian DJ)

Here’s come the time
through the windows of my mind
I catch the breeze again
Tried to find my play
Tried to leave the game but then again
I couldn’t stop to think of us
I couldn’t move the things how I used to do
Time lays up
the darker sides
behind the traps of those who win the truth
My thoughts go far indeed
I see some shadows on my place
I’d to come back to my roots
To let the flowers blow
To let the flowers grow
Here’s come the time
day by day we’re writing down the story of you and me
Dreaming on my hand
lovely on my hand
to fall in love again
to sing my dreams of you
together to fall in love with you

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