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Sanctuary (Paradise Fears)
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Quality alternative pop-punk music brought to you by Paradise Fears, a six-member band with a retro look from South Dakota. A song that carries a powerful message of acceptance and has inspired thousands of people to stand up again.

They first released “Sanctuary” (/sæŋkrɪ/) on their Make Them Believe EP. The new version of the song not only changes up the arrangement, but it also includes a “speech” that lead singer Sam Miller has come to perform during the song’s instrumental section at live performances.

So go ahead and lie to yourself,
and pretend that you're a ray of light when you're a broken candle.
You're keeping time with yourself,
when did all start moving way too fast for you to handle?
You're short on breath, heavy on time,
You lost the words, but you found the rhyme.
It's all just poetry now.

The walls are singing, "Hallelujah, amen".
The walls are singing, "Hallelujah, amen".

It's so dark in your room, and the ceilings are high,
You know the feeling, you've been here before,
And it's a broken old pew, and it's an echoing cry,
Don't sell yourself short on breath, but heavy on time
You lost the words but you found the rhyme.
It's all just poetry now.

The walls are singing, "Hallelujah, amen".
The walls are singing, "Hallelujah, amen".
"Hallelujah, amen". The walls are singing, "Hallelujah, amen".

See, we don't really care who you are, we've kind of got this non-exclusive policy of determining exactly who we open up to and let into our family, then who becomes a part of our united mass or harmony, and that's kind of become the thesis to this song, through suffering, acceptance, grief, and strife, there's no way that your puzzle piece fits into our puzzle wrong, because everyone is welcome on this stage that we call life.

And we don't really care who you are, everyone is capable of looking up and wishing on a star, so catchy, so contagious, this day-dreamer's disease, and hope can be your sword, slaying darkness with belief,

And we don't really care who you are,
Regardless of how lost you are returning from, regardless of how far,
So bring me all the worst of your broken, bruised, insane,
because that's the things with music, when it hits, you feel no pain,
No matter what you did, I promise we forgave it,
All that's left is your voice, you've got no choice but to raise it,
All you broken hearts, all you dejected dreams,
Just let yourself be free because even broken wings can fly away.

In time you'll find, this life's a painting and you're the artist,
Just open your eyes, it's never too late to clear your canvas,
So paint me jealous, paint me rage, for God's sake paint me anything, just paint.
Your brush awaits.

And the walls are singing, "Hallelujah, amen".
Yeah we're all just singing, "Hallelujah, amen".
Let your voice keep singing, "Hallelujah, amen".
Oh come on keep singing, "Hallelujah, amen".
The walls are singing, "Hallelujah, amen".
The walls sing you to sleep.
One secret meant to keep you safe tonight,
I swear that everything will be alright.

Uploaded and explained by Marimistasin.

GO AHEAD= Go ahead and do it = come on, do it.

TO HANDLE= To have power or control over; to cope with, to manage.

SHORT ON= If you're short on something you don't have enough of it.

HEAVY ON= (informal AmE) If you're heavy on something you have a lot of it.

HALLELUJAH= /ˌhæləlu:jə/ A religious word of Hebrew origin meaning "praise be to God". It is used to praise God, and also to express great joy.

AMEN= /ˌɑ:men/ Used at the end of a prayer or a statement to express assent or approval. (also /ˌmen/)

PEW= /pju:/ One of the long, fixed, backed benches that are arranged in rows for the seating of a congregation in church. (see picture)

ECHOING CRY= A cry that resounds as if by an echo.

DON'T SELL YOURSELF SHORT ON BREATH= Here the word SHORT is at the same time the end of the first sentence and the beginning of the second, so the sentences should be:
Don't sell yourself short. / Short on breath, heavy on time.
Don't sell yourself short (or cheap) = Figuratively to underestimate someone or something; to fail to see the good qualities of someone or something. It means: don't underestimate your own abilities, since you tend to undervalue your own accomplishments.

KIND OF= (informal) Rather, somewhat. This phrase is very often used as filler, meaning nothing.

NON-EXCLUSIVE= /nɒnɪksklu:sɪv/ Not belonging to a particular individual or group, open to everyone.

POLICY= Procedure, plan of action.

OPEN UP TO= To become more accepting of someone or something.

HARMONY= Harmonious relation, exhibiting accord in feeling or action.

THESIS= i:sɪz/ A proposition that is maintained by argument. In this case it means the purpose or the reason for the song.

GRIEF= Anguish, deep or intense sorrow or distress.

STRIFE= conflict, struggle, discord.

FIT= Be the right size or shape; fit correctly or as desired. Also to be appropriate or suitable for.

WRONG= Wrongly, in a wrong way. It is very common (esp. in AmE) to use an adjective instead of an adverb. In this case we are talking about the way your puzzle fits into our puzzle and we say that it's impossible that your puzzle can wrongly fit into our puzzle. Here puzzle refers to the problems of your life, your questions, anxieties, etc.

CAPABLE OF= (Usually followed by 'of') Having the ability, fitness, or quality necessary to do or achieve a specified thing.

LOOK UP= Raise one's gaze.

WISHING ON A STAR= Feeling or expressing a strong desire for something that cannot or probably will not happen; the star can answer your wishes.

DAY-DREAMER= Someone who indulges in idle or absentminded daydreaming.

DISEASE= Disorder, derangement. This line ("this day-dreamer's disease") belongs to the song "You Get What You Give" by New Radicals. Sam Miller took some of his favourite lyrics and put them together to explain the purpose of the song.

SLAY= (Slay-slew-slain) Archaic or literary, to kill violently.

REGARDLESS OF= Without considering, in spite of. Without regard or consideration for.

BRUISED= (Figurative) Feelings: hurt.

THAT'S THE THINGS WITH MUSIC, WHEN IT HITS, YOU FEEL NO PAIN= This line belongs to the song "Trenchtown Rock" by Bob Marley. He sang: "I say, one good thing about music, when it hits you (you feel no pain) Hit me with music, hit me with music now..."

DEJECTED DREAMS= Miserable or despondent dreams.

FLY AWAY= To take flight, to go away flying.

PAINT ME RAGE= Paint me on a state of violent or explosive anger.

FOR GOD'S SAKE= Exclamation of anger or frustration, also used for emphasis. Etymology: based on the literal meaning of for God's sake "in the name of" or "for God".

The song carries a powerful message of acceptance, conveyed not only through the lyrics, but through a speech made by lead singer Sam Miller halfway through.

"I decided that I wanted to basically explain the purpose of the song, and what it meant to me. So I took some of the lyrics I had written that didn’t make the song, took some of my favorite lyrics and put them together into what ultimately became a pretty powerful slam poetry section,"
says Sam. "It feels like preaching a sermon."

The video was shot in the church sanctuary that the song was written about. It tells a relatable message of a teenage girl dealing with the pressures of school and family like. Something "everyone struggles with at some point or another in their life," Sam explains.

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