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The Creep (The Lonely Island)
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"The Lonely Island" is an American comedy troupe best known for its musical parodies. They are funny, crazy, irreverent, and they live... where else? in California. Well, at least before they became superstars. Now they live in New York City because in there they can sleep above the clouds sometimes, something really difficult to get in California.

I don't know about you guys, but I find them really creepy. Aughhhh!

When you're out at a club and you see a fly girl
Do the creep (haaaa)
And do the creep (haaaa)
And if you wanna make friends at the ATM
Do the creep (hoooo)
And do the creep (haaaa)

Well, we got a new dance, so get up on your feet
It's real easy to do and it's called the creep
Let your hands flop round like a marionette
Pop your knees up and down sh-sh-shakin' your neck
Now pull your waistband up like you expecting a flood
And stick your hair down flat like it was covered in mud
Trim up your pencil moustache and pop them peepers
Put this in your speakers, you a certified creeper
When you see a country bitch laying out at the beach
Do the creep (haaaa)
And do the creep (haaaa)
And when a fine PYT walks in front of your tree
Do the creep (hoooo)
And do the creep (haaaa)

I was six years old when I started creeping
My parents took it to their room and I started peeping
You can you imagine their surprise when they lifted their heads
And saw my little ass creeping at the foot of the bed

And they knew I was a creep since the day I was born
Get popping out of momma like some chemical
And the doctor caught my head and he started freaking
Cause I came clean and I came out creeping

When I was a girl, I creeped in the boys locker room
Hide deep inside, it was my little creep stalker room
As they dis-robed I was oogling and oggling
Little did they know that for me they was modelling
And I would laugh ha ha ha ha ha haha
And they would dance la la la la lalala-laaa
So pop pop pop your peepers and turn out your sneakers
Don't sleep, come and get ya creep on with me

Go get ya sweating off ya bride at her wedding
Do the creep (haaaa)
And do the creep (haaaa)

But when you sneek into a wake and you see a beefcake
Do the creep (haaaa)
And do the creep (haaa)

When the judge is a hottie and you can't control ya body
Do the creep (haaaa)
And do the creep (haaa)

So get ya knees flexin' and your arms T-rexin'
And creep (haaaa)
Do the creep (haaa)

And don't forget to smile

You have some broken grammar like "he starting freaking" or "they was modelling". That's simply bad grammar and they only say that to sound cool, or at least that's the idea.

CLUB= Disco.

A FLY GIRL= This phrase has two possible meanings:
1- A girl who is fly (FLY= cool, great, hot)
2- A girl with the superpowers of a fly (very much like batman has the superpowers of a bat, he he).
Now, you decide which meaning is the correct one here.

DO THE CREEP= Behave like a perfect nasty disgusting horrible yucky idiot.
A creep (slang again) is an annoyingly unpleasant or repulsive person.

ATM= Cash-point (BrE). That machine in the street where you can get money using a credit card (best if it's your credit card, please).

FLOOD= /flʌd/ A lot of water. A real lot of water. Not just lots of water, I mean lots and lots and lots of water. And you need a boat to go to the pub and have a drink.

TRIM UP= Cut a little bit your hair. The particle UP suggest that you cut it to make it look better, not just because you want to cut hair.

PENCIL MOUSTACHE= /məstɑ:ʃ/ A very thin moustache, as thin as a pencil.

POP THEM PEEPERS= (slang) Open your eyes wide. (THEM= those).

BITCH ~ BEACH= Ha ha, a very naughty example to practise these vowels, not so boring as "ship or sheep".

PYT= Pretty Young Thing (a hot girl).

PEEPING= Looking from a hidden place.


FREAKING= If you freak (or freak out) you are shocked and possible scared because something really strange or horrible happened.

LOCKER ROOM= The room in a gym where people change clothes (you can see it on the video, right? Lots of naked or semi-naked studs only for her eyes. Naughty, naughty girl. She probably goes to the beach now, he he)

STALKER= If you stalk, you persecute, follow or observe someone trying not to be seen.

DIS-ROBED= A very posh way to say "undressed".

OOGLING= Staring (looking intensely, like hypnotised). The correct form of this word is "ogle".

OGLING= Staring at somebody in a sexual way.

LITTLE DID THEY KNOW THAT...= They had no idea that (notice that you need an inversion in this expression)

SNEAKERS= Tennis shoes, trainers.

YA= (coll.) You.

BEEFCAKE= A very attractive and muscular man.

A HOTTIE= A very attractive person (especially a woman).

T-REXING= To get your arms T-Rexing is a stupid or clever way (you decide) of explaining how you put your arms like Michael Jackson dancing "Thriller", because it looks like a T-Rex (Tiranosaurus Rex).

Well, basically, this is the autobiography of a man (and also a woman) who is the perfect creep, and they also try to teach you how to be one of them. What is a creep? Well, they explain it quite well in the song and, especially, on the video. I bothered to look for a definition up in the dictionary and this is what it says:

(slang) An annoyingly unpleasant or repulsive person.

You find the guys on the video creep enough? Well, sure I do, not just a bunch of creeps, but also quite creepy, to tell you the truth. I'd run away if they approached me the way the do on the video.


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