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Activity Fill in the Gaps
Activity Fill in the Gaps

Next to the English village of Wall there is a big wall separating England from the Magical Kingdom of Stormhold. Nobody can ever cross the gap (well, almost nobody). In Stormhold a shooting star falls down, and many people would give anything to possess it. (listen to the soundtrack video)


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Write the suitable word/s inside the gaps to complete the sentence. Use the -TAB- key on your computer keyboard to move from one box to the next.


Gapped text
- I have a ____________________________ for you - Victoria, for your hand in marriage I'd cross oceans - ____________________________ Tristan - Oh Tristan a shooting ____________________________! - I'll ____________________________ and I'll ____________________________ back that fallen star - You can't cross the wall. Nobody crosses the wall
- Excuse me, have you seen a fallen star ________________________? - We're in a crater. ________________________ where it fell - Yeah, this is where it fell - You're the star. You're the star? ________________________? Oh wow!
- You've seen __________________________________________________, wicked witches, flying pirates and dashing princes. But never has there been __________________________________________________ quite like this
- Everyone's talking about ______________________________________________________ - When I find her, the glory of our youth shall be restored - This is the part where you ______________________________________________________ you're up here - We're ______________________________________________________ to make our way home - Touché
- You better be telling the truth, you two-faced dog. - I can get you ________________________________, actually. ________________________________ guard dogs. They can watch the back and the front door ________________________________. - Enough!
- Where's ________________________? - You have seconds to live - Now, we ________________________ - I know what you are - Get ________________________! - It's just ________________________ now - ________________________ - Hold me tight, and think of home
Total number of items: 6


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