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Next to the English village of Wall there is a big wall separating England from the Magical Kingdom of Stormhold. Nobody can ever cross the gap (well, almost nobody). In Stormhold a shooting star falls down, and many people would give anything to possess it. (listen to the soundtrack video)

- I have a surprise for you
- Victoria, for your hand in marriage, I’d cross oceans
- You’re funny, Tristan
- Oh, Tristan, a shooting star!
- I’ll cross the wall and I’ll bring you back that fallen star
- You can’t cross the wall. Nobody crosses the wall
- Excuse me, have you seen a fallen star anywhere?
- We’re in a crater. This must be where it fell
- Yeah, this is where it fell
- You’re the star. You’re the star? Really? Oh wow!
- You’ve seen stories of magical worlds, wicked witches, flying pirates and dashing princes. But never has there been an adventure quite like this
- Everyone’s talking about fallen stars
- When I find her, the glory of our youth shall be restored
- This is the part where you tell me who you are and why you’re up here
- We’re just trying to make our way home
- Touché
- You better be telling the truth, you two-faced dog.
- I can get you one of them, actually. Very good guard dogs. They can watch the back and the front door at the same time.
- Enough!
- Where’s the girl?
- You have seconds to live
- Now, we shall begin
- I know what you are
- Get him!
- It’s just you and me now
- Not for long
- Hold me tight, and think of home

FOR YOUR HAND IN MARRIAGE= to marry you (with your parents' permission).

FUNNY= This word has two meanings. It can mean "comical" (often referred to as "funny ha ha"), or it can mean "strange". In this case it probably means "strange".

A SHOOTING STAR= a star that falls from the sky to the earth, leaving a brief shining trail behind it. In fact it is not a star, but a meteorite, but the film complies with folklore and makes it to be a star.

CRATER= a big hole on the ground produced by an explosion or, in this case, by the star when it hit the ground.

WICKED= /wɪkɪd/ very bad (talking about people)

WITCH= a woman who was supposed to practice evil (wicked) magic and usually have some kind of relationship with the Devil.

PIRATES= /paɪrəts/

DASHING= someone who is dashing is very stylish and attractive in a way that shows they have a lot of energy and confidence.

YOUTH= the state of being young, or the period when someone is young.

SHALL= will. In old-fashioned English future, "shall" was used for the first person pronouns (I, we) and "will" for the rest (you, he, she, it, they). But modern English uses "will" for all the persons and "shall" is now used with a different meaning (suggestions, solemn promises, offerings).

TO MAKE OUR WAY HOME= to go home.

TOUCHÉ= (French = touched) /tu:ʃ/ An expression used in fencing (fighting with that kind of thin swords) when you touch your opponent with your sword, and then you win (no need to kill anybody now, just touching is enough ;)

YOU BETTER + infinitive without TO= an informal short form of "you had better" (you’d better). It is used to give advice with the same meaning as SHOULD, but often implying that something bad will happen if you don’t take that advice.

YOU TWO-FACED DOG= a "two-faced dog" is a dog with two faces. A "one-armed" person is a person with one arm, etc. We construct that adjective with this structure: a number + a noun ending in -ed, joined with a hyphen. In this case, a two-faced dog is a person who is not sincere or honest, used as an insult. Notice that when we are insulting someone, we often put YOU in front of the insult to give emphasis: "You pig!" sounds stronger than "pig!".

YOU HAVE SECONDS TO LIVE= you are going to die in a few seconds.

GET HIM!= "capture him!" or "attack him!".

HOLD ME= grab me or embrace me.

TIGHT= strongly

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