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Frequency adverbs: position

Frequency adverbs: position
Activity Put in Order
Activity Put in Order
Practise how to put adverbs of frequency in the right place inside the sentence.

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Order these sentences so the adverb of frequency comes in the right position.


These adverbs answer the question: How often?
Here is a list ordered from more to less frequency (percentages are approximative)

ALWAYS (100%)
USUALLY (85%)      = generally, normally
OFTEN (75%)
SOMETIMES (50%)      = now and then
SELDOM (25%)
RARELY (10%)
NEVER (0%)

Word order:

One-word adverbs

Before normal verbs (the rest)
- I OFTEN go to the cinema
- He RARELY watches television
After special verbs (to be, have, do, can, will, etc.)
- I am ALWAYS here
- you can NEVER speak fast o
- I HARDLY EVER watch football on TV
- Tim ALMOST NEVER eats pudding
Notice: Some of these can use VERY (with the same position).
- I VERY OFTEN eat potatoes
- We VERY RARELY go to the beach

Two words or more

At the end of the sentence
- I go to the cinema TWICE A MONTH
- He works in the mornings EVERY OTHER DAY (= every two days)
- He watches football DAY IN, DAY OUT (= every day, every single day)
- We go hiking SEVERAL TIMES A YEAR (= a few times every year)

How many times?
Once = x1
Twice = x2
Three times = x3
Four times, etc. = x4

These frequency phrases usually go at the end:
- You have to ring the bell twice
- I go to the cinema once a month

- Tim goes to school three times a week


at 8 a.m. / always / get up / I
asking me questions / is / always / She
what to say / never / know / I
can / You / never / find / your car keys
Place it in mid-position (not at the beginning or the end)
John / late / is / often
never / can / They / listen
Place it in mid-position (not at the beginning or the end)
eats / often / Mike / for dinner / pizza
I / hardly ever / oranges / eat
My parents / almost never / go on holiday
Place it in mid-position (not at the beginning or the end)
very often / dresses / She / in blue
Place it in mid-position (not at the beginning or the end)
some help with the homework / usually / need / They
am / in the mornings. / very tired / usually / Something is the matter with me. I
Place it in mid-position (not at the beginning or the end)
come / My parents / to help me / very often
once a month / to the hairdresser's / usually / I / go
every other day / We / have / soup
I / usually / go / to the dentist / once a year
day in, day out / have to go / shopping / I
breaks down / several times a year / My car
Begin the sentence with YESTERDAY
phoned / Yesterday, / twice / me / she
it / I / five times / saw
three times a week / to the gym / go / I
need / I travel a lot. I / some petrol / every other day.
Begin the sentence with SHE
listens / when you talk to her / She / rarely
will / Tom / if you need it / help you / rarely
at home? / usually / Do / have lunch / you
do / How / to the disco? / often / go / you
Place it in mid-position (not at the end)
Kevin / Does / ? / win / always
Place it in mid-position (not at the end)
often / feel tired? / Do / you
Place it in mid-position (not at the end)
dress / Can / always / I / in green?
every day / go / ? / you / to the gym / Do
Total number of items: 30


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