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How to express purpose

How to express purpose
Activity Fill in the Gaps
Activity Fill in the Gaps
Let's practise the different constructions you need to express purpose in different situations

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Complete the sentences to express purpose correctly in every situation

Note for this activity: in the construction with 2 subjects, when you can choose between "so that I can/will/may, etc.", always use CAN for the exercises here.

AFFIRMATIVE   to + infinitive

- He started drinking to forget
- I need a chair to sit down
NEGATIVE   so as not to + infinitive

- I'll take a taxi so as not to be late
- Take your shoes off so as not to wake them up
DIFFERENT SUBJECTS    so that + subject + can

- I'll open the door so that he can enter
- She covered the hole so that water couldn't come in
NOTE: we use could when the main clause is in the past. instead of can/could you may also find: may/might, will/would/should
More colloquial  for + subject + to

(+)  I'll open the door for you to enter
(-)   I'll close the door for you not to go out



      A tin opener is something for opening tins
      That's for peeling potatoes    

(remember that after prepositions and conjunctions we use -ing)
but if we are talking of a particular use of something we can't use "for"

      I need a tin-opener to open this tin


You can never say FOR TO !

She went home to have dinner  (not: She went home for to have dinner)


Gapped text
I need a key + open this door = I need a key __________________________________.
She opened the window + see the sun = She opened the window ____________________________.
They went to Madrid + visit El Prado = They went to Madrid __________________________________.
He used a credit card + open the door = He used a credit card ________________________________.
I need to stop for a minute + think = I need to stop for a minute ________________.
She closed her eyes + not + cry = She closed her eyes ________________________________.
I took a taxi + not + be late = I took a taxi ________________________________________.
He drinks + not + remember her = He drinks __________________________________________________.
He turned his head + not + see her = He turned his head ________________________________________.
He wrote her telephone number down + not + forget it = He wrote her telephone number down ____________________________________________.
Open the door + your sister + come in = Open the door ______________________________________________________________.
Speak up + we + hear you = Speak up ______________________________________________.
I'll explain this better + you + understand = I'll explain this better ____________________________________________________.
She smiled + I + feel more comfortable = She smiled __________________________________________________________________________.
I phoned you + you + come to my party = I phoned you ____________________________________________________________________.
He worked hard + his children + go to university = He worked hard ______________________________________________________________________________________.
Bring a chair + Sally + sit down (colloquial) = Bring a chair __________________________________________.
I'll explain it again + you + understand (colloquial) = I'll explain it again __________________________________________.
She started to tell the story + everybody + know (colloquial) = She started to tell the story __________________________________________.
She opened the door + the cat + get out (colloquial) = She opened the door ____________________________________________.
I can call a taxi + you guys + go there (colloquial) = I can call a taxi ________________________________________________.
Books are + read = Books are ______________________.
Cars are made + travel to places = Cars are made ________________________________________________.
Keys are normally used + open doors = Keys are normally used __________________________________.
But what are you doing? That's not + serve food. It's my tablet! = But what are you doing? That's not ________________________________. It's my tablet!
A telescope is a tool + see distant objects = A telescope is a tool ____________________________________________________.
Please, bring me a chair + sit down = Please, bring me a chair ______________________.
Close the windows + the rain + enter = Close the windows ________________________________________________________.
We decided to go the zoo + the children + have fun = We decided to go to the zoo ______________________________________________________________________.
Show it to me + I + help you = Show it to me ____________________________________________.
Total number of items: 30

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