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How to express reason

How to express reason
Activity SmartMemo
Activity SmartMemo
Here we will practise how to express reason by using Spanish-English equivalences.

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1- Look at the sentences and try to express that idea in English. 2- Move your mouse over the black button to check your answer. 3- If you were right, click on the green button, if wrong, click on the red.


      I was worried because Tally was late

In conversation we very often use the form 'CAUSE (also spelled: coz, cos or cuz, cus in American English)
      I left cause I was getting bored

BECAUSE  OF+ noun (p)

This is a preposition, so it is not followed by a clause with a verb, it is followed by a noun or noun phrase

      She was late because of the traffic
      I was tired because of all the hard work
AS / SINCE (c)

These conjunctions are formal. In a less formal language we prefer the equivalent with SO:

     As it's raining again, we'll have to stay at home (= It was raining again, so we had to stay at home)
     Since it's too late, I think we should stop now  (= it was too late, so I think we should stop)
They're used when the reason is already well known, or it is less important than the rest of the sentence.  These clauses often begin the sentence:
      Since I speak no German, we had to communicate in English
      Since it's too late, we should leave it for tomorrow
      It's very noisy here, since we live close to a motorway


- Sorry, I must go because I have a meeting at 5  (I'm giving you new information)
- Since today is Sunday, let's stay at home and rest  (we both know that today is Sunday)


This relative clause is very commonly used to express reason (especially in its short version)
     My car's broken, that's the reason why I came walking
     I didn’t know she was your sister, that’s why I didn't talk to her
     You speak very good English. Oh yes, I forgot your mother's English. That's why


abbreviations:  (c.)= conjunction  (p.)= preposition    (see the important difference here: Kinds of Connectors)


For Spanish Speakers

BECAUSE (c) = porque...
BECAUSE  OF + noun (p) = por
THAT'S (THE REASON) WHY (c) = por eso ...
AS / SINCE (c) = como   (when subordinate comes first)  ya que   (when subordinate comes second)
As I speak no German, I had to communicate in English
- Como no hablo alemán, nos tuvimos que comunicar en inglés
- Nos tuvimos que comunicar en inglés, ya que no hablo alemán


Item Match Comments
Como es australiano, habla inglés Since he is Australian, he speaks English also: As he is Australian, he speaks English
Como está lloviendo, deberíamos quedarnos en casa Since it is raining, we should stay at home also: As it is raining, we should stay at home
Como no hablo alemán, no conseguí el trabajo Since I don't speak German, I didn't get the job also: As I don't speak German, I didn't get the job
Como no te gusta, dámelo a mí Since you don't like it, give it to me also: As you don't like it, give it to me
Ella se marchó por culpa tuya She left because of you
Ella tenía problemas a causa del tabaco She had problems because of tobacco
Eres mi mejor amiga, por eso te quiero You're my best friend, that's why I love you
Escucha esto, que es muy importante (coll.) Listen to this, 'cause it's very important
Estaba de vacaciones, por eso no te cogía las llamadas I was on holiday, that's why I didn't get your calls
Estaba lloviendo, por eso nos quedamos en casa It was raining, that's why we stayed at home
Está cerrado porque son las seis It is closed because it is 6 o'clock
Habéis acabado gracias a mí You've finished because of me also: ...thanks to me
Inglaterra es muy verde por la lluvia England is very green because of the rain
Llevo todo el día trabajando, por eso estoy cansado I've been working all day. That's why I'm so tired.
Lo quiero porque lo necesito (coll.) I want it 'cause I need it
Los monumentos están muy sucios en Valladolid ya que hay muchas fábricas Since there are lots of factories, monuments are very dirty in Valladolid also: As there are lots of factories, monuments are very dirty in Valladolid
Los ríos están muy sucios por la contaminación Rivers are very dirty because of pollution
Me gusta esto por el color I like this because of the colour
Me puse malo a causa del frío I got ill because of the cold
Me voy a acostar, que es muy tarde (coll.) I'm going to bed 'cause it's very late
Necesitamos más protección ya que el sol es muy fuerte en este país Since the sun is very strong in this country, we need more protection also: Since the sun is very strong in this country, we need more protection
No es por eso, es que no tengo tiempo It's not because of that, it's because I haven't got the time
No puedo dormir por el ruido I can't sleep because of the noise
No sabía que era peligroso, por eso lo hice I didn't know it was dangerous, that's why I did it
No vayas que es demasiado tarde (coll.) Don't go, cause it's too late
Se sentó en el suelo, ya que no había ninguna silla libre Since there were no chairs free, he sat on the floor also: As there were no chairs free, he sat on the floor
Tim llegó tarde por culpa del tráfico Tim was late because of the traffic
Toma, es para ti, ya que te gusta tanto Here, it's for you, since you like it so much also: Here, it's for you, as you like it so much
Tú eres mi amigo, por eso estoy aquí You're my friend, that's why I'm here
Vivo aquí porque me gusta esta ciudad (coll.) I live here 'cause I like this city
Total number of items: 30
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