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Present Perfect vs Simple Past

Present Perfect vs Simple Past
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
Here you have sentences talking about the past, see if we must use the simple past or the present perfect to complete them.

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Click on the words at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentence to complete it.

We need 2 conditions to use the present perfect

connection we use the present perfect to refer to actions when there is a connection between the past and the present (that's why we call it present perfect). The past tense refers to finished past actions with no connection with the present.

Yesterday I went to the cinema       
(that’s just something I did yesterday)
I remember all the names because I have learned the list from memory (I learned, so now I know)
My father has given me a new phone (now I have a new phone)
Cassia has lived here for five years (and she still lives here now)




when? we use the past tense when people can answer the question “when?”: the moment is said or already known and it is a past time.  (we know when and it is a past when). 

I saw it last week           
when? Last week
I saw it when I was at my sister’s when? when I was at my sister's
She visited us in June when? in June
We can only use the present perfect when people can’t answer the question “when?” or if the answer is a present period of time.
I have visited Paris and Rome when? I don’t know
I’ve been to the park today when? Today: a present period of time
She has loved him since she was a child when? since she was a child (until now, so present too)

- I have visited Rome, and I stayed in a very nice hotel. We spent five days there.
1st verb: I have visited (I don't say when and you don't know)
2nd verb: I stayed... (when? when I visited Rome)
2nd sentence: We spent... (when? when I visited Rome)
So the first part of the sentence gives us a time reference that will be used for the second part or even other following sentences talking about my visit to Rome.


Gapped text Items
I ______________________ a new car last month have bought / bought
Look, I ______________________ a new car, do you like it? have bought / bought
I ______________________ in Ohio when I was at the university lived / have lived
I ______________________ in Ohio and I liked it very much lived / have lived
They ______________________ the door, so everybody can get in broke / have broken
Yesterday a child ______________________ this window with his ball broke / has broken
In 1995 we ______________________ into this house have moved / moved
______________________ Paris at night? Have you seen / Did you see
______________________ to Paris after you got married? Did you go / Have you gone
I ______________________ all of Harry Potter's movies, they're my favourite saw / have seen
She ______________________ Spanish, French and Italian learnt / has learned
I ______________________ to many different countries, but my favourite one is Cambodia was / have been
When we got married we ______________________ this painting, do you like it? have bought / bought
We ______________________ this painting in Morocco. Do you like it? bought / have bought
I ______________________ my new phone! have lost / lost
They ______________________ with me for two years, and they help me a lot have worked / worked
I know him, he ______________________ with me for a few months (but now he doesn't) has worked / worked
I ______________________ red flowers around the house. Do you like it? have planted / planted
I ______________________ red flowers around the house, but they have disappeared! have planted / planted
During the war, she ______________________ her boyfriend has met / met
She ______________________ her boyfriend on an Internet chat met / has met
Sorry, I ______________________ your book lost / have lost
Sorry, I ______________________ your book, so I ______________________ you a new one have lost / have bought / lost / bought
She ______________________ pizza before didn't eat / hasn't eaten
He was in Italy but he ______________________ pizza didn't eat / hasn't eaten
Total number of items: 25


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