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Verb + infinitive and ing

Verb + infinitive and ing
Activity Drag&Drop
Activity Drag&Drop
Practise the constructions of verbs which can be followed by infinitive and by -ing.

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Click on the verbs at the bottom and drag them into the empty boxes of the sentences to complete them.


V + -ing / inf

No change of meaning: begin, start, continue

   It began to rain = It began raining

Change of meaning: remember, forget, regret / stop / try / advise, allow, permit, forbid

Remember, forget, regret
    Look to the future: Remember to post this letter when you get there  (=don’t forget to do it in the future)
    Look to the past: I remember buying my first bicycle when I was 8  (= it's a memory from the past)
    End an action to do something different: He stopped to relax
    Finish an action: He stopped driving because he was too tired
    Make an effort: He tried to open the door, but it was locked
    Make an experiment: He tried speaking to her in German, but she still didn't answer
Advise, allow, permit, forbid
    With no object: I advise getting up very early
    With an object: I advise you to get up very early


  V + O + -ing / bare inf

Verbs of the senses: see, watch, hear, listen, feel, smell, notice...
If we use it with a bare infinitive, the action is perceived complete, from beginning to end. If we use it with -ing then we only perceived a fragment of the action, we saw it happening, but not from beginning to end.

    I saw them talk angrily, but nothing happened
    I saw them talking angrily, so I left the room. I could still hear them from the kitchen.


Gapped text Items
The music started ______________________ before we arrived play / to play
Don't start ______________________ me you don't know her and all that tell / telling
They began ______________________ their books and do the exercises to open / open
She stood up and began ______________________ her song sing / singing
The dog continued ______________________ all night long bark / barking
I told him it was late, but he continued ______________________ TV to watch / watch
He can never remember ______________________ the door when he goes out. Some day we will have a problem. to lock / lock / locking
I remember ______________________ a man sitting on the porch, but I can't remember his face see / to see / seeing
Oh no, I forgot ______________________ the book from the shop. I must go back and get it. to take / taking / take
Two minutes after he woke up, he forgot ______________________ all that dreaming / to dream / dream
I regret ______________________ you all those things at the party, I was a perfect stupid clown telling / to tell you / tell
We regret ______________________ you that your application was not accepted to tell / tell / telling
Oh please! stop ______________________! You've been talking for hours. I've got a headache. to talk / talk / talking
Oh come on, stop ______________________ for a minute before you do it. You're too impulsive, you must think a little more. thinking / to think / think
They tried ______________________ the window, but it was bullet-proof to break / breaking / break
He tried ______________________ a stone to open the box, but that box was too strong, it didn't break. using / to use / use
She advised ______________________ the presents before Christmas time buy / buying / to buy
Tom advised her ______________________ for help before it was too late look / looking / to look
Please, allow me ______________________ some words before we start eating saying / to say / say
They only allow ______________________ here for two hours park / to park / parking
I forbid you ______________________ that about my daughter say / saying / to say
In this city, they forbid ______________________ books in the street to sell / sell / selling
They saw me ______________________ to open the door, and they thought I had entered the house, but I couldn't, it was the wrong key. try / trying / to try
I saw her ______________________, and then laugh, and then cry again, and then she fell asleep. crying / to cry / cry
I heard the man ______________________ the door and then I could hear his footsteps coming to my bedroom to open / opening / open
Total number of items: 25

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