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At a restaurant (Twominute English) PRACTICE 3 - part of lesson A
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Have you ever been to a restaurant and had trouble ordering your food in English? What phrases would you use? In this lesson we explore what you can say when you are visiting a restaurant. Learn the phrases and practice the keywords.

Welcome to Teaching you English in two minutes or less. In this lesson, we're going to learn what to say at a restaurant.

Table for one please.
Follow me sir.
Can I have the menu?
Here it is sir.
What do you recommend?
The grilled chicken with tomato sauce, it's a good choice.
It sounds like a good idea.
I'll have the chicken, and a glass of wine please.
Sure. I'll be right back with your order.

Would you like to order now sir?
Yes. I'd like the spicy chicken and the vegetables please.
Would you like something to drink?
I'll have an orange juice.
I am afraid we are out of oranges sir.
That's okay. Just bring me the iced tea instead.
Yes sir. I'll be right back.

Could I have my Caesar salad served with the sauce on the side?
Yes, and would you like the croutons also on the side?
That'd be very good. Thank you.
Could you check us out please?
Here you are.
Can I pay with Visa?
Yes you can.

Could I have the bill?
In a minute sir. Are you paying with a card?
Yes, MasterCard.
There you are.


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